Laser Hair Removal in Kelowna

Laser Hair Removal in Kelowna

Imagine never having to wax, shave, tweeze or hide your unwanted body hair again. Dr. Brian Peterson’s Okanagan Skin Care Centre uses one of the most effective, painless and safest forms of Laser Hair Removal available in Kelowna. The system is called GentleLase Plus and uses a Alexandrite laser. 
Here’s how the advanced Kelowna Laser Hair Removal system works:
An intense and pulsing beam of light, or laser, permeates through your skin, down to the individual hair follicles.  The light from the laser transforms into heat and the heat destroys the hair follicles to prevent the regrowth of hair while causing zero damage to skin tissue. This sophisticated system includes a cooling feature before and after the laser is applied for additional comfort.
The innovative laser is attracted to the dark pigments in our skin (hair & blood) and therefore is precise at targeting and interfering with the blood supply that feeds follicles to cease hair growth. Some of the other beneficial features of the Hair Removal System are:

  • After 4-8 treatments and you’ll be permanently hair-free
  • Effective on all ethnicities 
  • Virtually Painless – most clients don’t even require a numbing cream (local anesthetic is available for sensitive areas)
  • Extremely high success rate
  • Zero down time (you may be a little red immediately after treatments; Be sure to wear sunscreen to protect the skin)
  • Only experienced nurses perform Laser Hair Removal for your safety and to limit the number of required treatments
  • Hair will naturally begin falling out of hair follicles after treatments

If you’re thinking about Laser Hair Removal and would like some additional information, call Dr. Brian Peterson at Kelowna Skin Care at 250.868.9290 for a consultation.

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