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Breast Lift, Mastopexy

A breast lift, clinically known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic plastic surgery that is done to elevate the position of the nipple areolar complex to a more youthful position and tighten the skin and breast tissue. This procedure does usually make the breasts smaller. If this is undesirable then an implant could be added to help the breasts look fuller. This surgical procedure is known and augmentation mastopexy.


There are three main incision patterns used for breast lifts: around the areola, around the areola and vertically down from the areola to the breast crease and around the areola, vertically down from the breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease. Dr. Peterson will decide which particular pattern suits your individual case best. Once these incisions have been made the breast tissue is lifted and reshaped to improve breast contour and firmness. The nipple and areola are repositioned to a natural more youthful height. Once your breasts have been reshaped and the excess skin removed, the remaining skin is tightened as the incisions are closed. While some incisions are hidden within the contours of the breast, others can be seen on the skin surface but their appearance will significantly fade with time. Breast lift plastic surgery requires the patient to be under general anaesthesia and it is carried out on a day care basis.


You will be able to enjoy the results of your surgery as soon as the procedure is complete. Although there is some post-procedural swelling and visible incision lines, these will reduce with time and your results will only continue to improve.


Once your surgery is completed dressings or bandages will be applied to your incisions. You will need to wear a support bra to minimize swelling and to promote healing. You will also be given detailed instructions on how to care for your breasts after surgery as well as what medication to take and when to follow up Dr. Brian D. Peterson.

If you’re interested in breast lift surgery or any of our other breast surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation mastopexy, breast augmentation or breast reduction, then contact Dr. Brian D. Peterson’s office located at the Okanagan Health Surgical Centre in Kelowna today.

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