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Brow Lift

Reduce Forehead Creases and Frown Lines

A brow lift minimizes the creases that develop across the forehead, or those that occur high on the bridge of the nose, between the eyes. It can improve what are commonly referred as frown lines, vertical creases that develop between the eyebrows. It will help to reposition a low or sagging brow that is hooding the upper eyelid and will most likely raise the eyebrows to a more alert and youthful position.

Sometimes a bow lift is performed in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty to rejuvenate aging eyes, a facelift to correct aging changes in the mid-to lower face and neck regions or skin resurfacing techniques like dermabrasion.


A brow lift may sometimes be performed using a surgical camera known as endoscope and special instruments placed through small incisions made within the hairline. This allows the tissue and muscle beneath the skin to be repositioned, altered or removed, correcting the source of visible creases and furrows in the forehead. Correction of a low-positioned or sagging brow may be made with or without the use of an endoscope through incisions at the temples and in the scalp. This technique may be done in conjunction with incisions hidden within the natural crease of the upper eyelids to eliminate frown lines between the brows, on or above the bridge of the nose. An alternative brow lift technique is the coronal brow lift. The coronal brow lift can pinpoint specific regions of the brow to correct. This technique involves an incision from ear to ear across the top of the scalp, lifting the forehead and removing excess skin from the scalp. The incision lines from a brow lift are well concealed within the hair. Brow lift incisions typically are closed with a combination removable or absorbable sutures, or surgical staples. The operation requires general anaesthesia, and is performed on a day care basis.


Results appear gradually as swelling and bruising subside to reveal smoother forehead skin and a more youthful, restful appearance.

If you’re interested in benefiting from the fantastic results that brow lift plastic surgery can offer please contact our office located in Kelowna, Okanagan, and our staff will be more than happy to set you up with a consultation.

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