Ariel Winter's Breast Reduction: A Guide for Well Endowed Women

Ariel Winter's Breast Reduction: A Guide for Well Endowed Women

Puberty is an awkward time for anyone, especially when it comes to physical appearance. For teenage Modern Family star Ariel Winters her F cup breasts had always been a source of insecurity. They left her open to horrendous ridicule, including comments about how the obviously gorgeous 17 year old starlet was “fat”, and that her tight clothing was inappropriate for a teenage girl. Unfortunately, when you have F cups every shirt you wear is going to be tight across the chest, often leading to uncomfortable and inappropriate comments from your peers. Finding clothes that fit became a nightmare for Ariel, as most clothing lines do not account for women with such large breasts. She finally decided something had to be done when she spent hours one day trying on swimsuits, only to leave empty handed because not a single one could accommodate her chest.

On top of the emotional pain, Ariel experienced a lot of physical pain as well. Large breasts put a huge amount of stress on the spine, ruining your posture and potentially causing lifelong back and neck problems. Ariel had troubles standing up straight for long periods of time, and often ended up hunched over, a posture that made her feel even more unattractive

Finally, Ariel decided to put the physical and emotional pain behind her and get her breasts reduced. She consulted with her doctor and they agreed on reducing her F cups to more manageable D cups. When choosing a cup size you want to make sure that you pick a size that also complements your overall silhouette and body type. Ariel has always been a curvy girl, sporting a classic hollywood hourglass figure. In order to make her breast reduction look more natural she opted not to go lower than a D cup, keeping her chest and hips balanced.

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