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The Importance Of Sleep For Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery
  • Mar 15, 2023
  • Peterson MD

The Importance Of Sleep For Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

Sleep And Recovery After Plastic Surgery Here are some of the reasons why sleep is so important for recovery after plastic surgery: Sleep helps reduce inflammation After plastic surgery, the body goes through a natural inflammatory response. . . .

Am I A Good Candidate For Nasal Surgery?
  • Feb 27, 2023
  • Peterson MD

Am I A Good Candidate For Nasal Surgery?

Types Of Nasal Surgery Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to improve the appearance of the nose. This procedure can address issues such as a hump, asymmetry, and a wide, or upturned tip. If you are unhappy with. . .

Everything To Know About Saline Implants | Saline Implants Kelowna
  • Nov 01, 2022
  • Peterson MD

Everything You Need To Know About Saline Implants

Your Saline Implant Questions Answered What Are Saline Implants Made From? Saline implants get their name from the sterile salt water they are filled with. The water solution is held within a silicone outer shell that provides durability while. . .

Are Silicone Implants Better? | Plastic Surgery Kelowna
  • Jul 11, 2022
  • Peterson MD

Are Silicone Implants Better?

Which Is Better: Silicone Implants Or Saline Implants? The Feel Silicone implants and saline implants each feel slightly different once your breasts have healed after surgery. Silicone implants have been designed to feel fairly similar to a. . .

Body Contouring What Is An Arm Lift
  • Jun 14, 2022
  • Peterson MD

Body Contouring: What Is An Arm Lift?

Arm Lifts 101: What You Should Know What Is An Arm Lift? An arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that reduces excess fat and loose skin on the underside of the arm between the armpit and the elbow. This procedure is used. . .

Questions To Ask When Considering A Facelift
  • Jun 07, 2022
  • Peterson MD

Questions To Ask When Considering A Facelift

4 Common Questions About Facelifts 1. How Long Does A Facelift Last? The results for every person will be different depending on the age you get your facelift, the condition of the skin, your lifestyle, and more. In general, the results of a. . .

Peterson Surgery - Tips To Reduce Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery
  • May 13, 2022
  • Peterson MD

Tips To Reduce Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery

Tips To Reduce Cosmetic Surgery Scars Some scarring may be inevitable after cosmetic surgery, but there are things that you can do to promote healing and minimize scarring. 1. Select Your Plastic Surgeon With Care This is the first and most. . .

Peterson MD - Blog - What Kind Of Mommy Makeover Is Right For Me
  • May 04, 2022
  • Peterson MD

What Kind Of Mommy Makeover Is Right For Me?

Mommy Makeovers Mommy makeover procedures have gained popularity due to their ability to address multiple concerns in a single procedure. Patients are only required to go through a single recovery period and many patients enjoy the feeling of. . .

Peterson MD - Blog - Recovery After A Facelift
  • Jan 28, 2022
  • Peterson MD

Recovery After A Facelift

WHAT TO EXPECT WITH FACELIFT SURGERY What Is The Procedure? A facelift is performed as a day surgery under general or deep IV sedation. The procedure generally takes three to four hours and you will require someone to drive you home after. . . .

Will Eyelid Surgery Change My Eye Shape? | Kelowna Plastic Surgery
  • Dec 17, 2021
  • Peterson MD

Will Eyelid Surgery Change My Eye Shape?

There are two main reasons people choose an eyelid lid lift, or blepharoplasty: Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation Vision Impairment Loose and sagging skin can make the eyes appear tired, older, and swollen. Some patients even believe excess. . .

Brow Lift And Forehead Lift: Is There A Difference?| Kelowna Brow Lift
  • Dec 03, 2021
  • Peterson MD

Is There A Difference Between A Brow Lift And A Forehead Lift?

A brow lift or forehead lift procedure can rejuvenate your appearance making you look and feel more rested, alert, and youthful. So which is a better option? A Brow Lift or a Forehead Lift? Which Is Better? Although there are some small. . .

Peterson MD - Facial Rejuvenation Surgeries
  • Aug 11, 2021
  • Peterson MD

7 Facial Rejuvenation Surgeries To Consider In Kelowna This Fall

Know Your Options These seven face-enhancing plastic surgeries are often used in combination with each other, and more specifically, completed at the same time, to achieve the overall effect and look you desire. Another benefit to completing. . .

Peterson MD - Blog - Breast Enhancement Surgery
  • Jul 21, 2021
  • Peterson MD

Types of Breast Enhancement Surgery: Know Your Options

Breast Augmentation vs Breast Lift You may have heard the term ‘breast augmentation’ before but let's talk about what it means. To undergo breast augmentation surgery means that you are changing, and increasing the size of the breasts,. . .

peterson-5 Things To Know About Cosmetic Surgery_
  • Apr 13, 2021
  • Peterson MD

5 Things To Know About Cosmetic Surgery

Many people have features they wish could be altered or enhanced. Cosmetic surgery offers patients many options to modify aspects of their appearance that cause them concern. It is a specific field of medicine that allows patients to revise certain. . .

Body Contouring Kelowna | Peterson Surgery
  • Mar 15, 2021
  • Peterson MD

Our Favourite Ways To Contour Your Body To Look Your Best This Summer

Are you looking at getting cosmetic surgery to augment your appearance for the upcoming summer months? Here are some of the most popular ways to boost your look this summer! This winter has been hard on us all. Cold weather combined with the. . .

Eyelid Surgery | Kelowna Plastic Surgeon
  • Mar 01, 2021
  • Peterson MD

Be Prepared For Eyelid Surgery By Knowing These 7 Things!

Considering eyelid surgery to augment your facial appearance? ? Here are 7 things you should know before undergoing the popular cosmetic surgery. Eyelid surgery, also known as a Blepharoplasty, has grown to be one of the most popular cosmetic. . .

6 Reasons to Get Your Cosmetic Surgery Done This Winter - Kelowna Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brian D. Peterson
  • Dec 17, 2020
  • Peterson MD

6 Reasons to Get Your Cosmetic Surgery Done This Winter

Are you considering plastic surgery to improve your appearance? Have you decided to make your dreams a reality and are trying to decide on the optimal time for your operation? Here is why winter is the best time of year to undergo cosmetic. . .

Everything You Need To Know About a Neck Lift Surgery - Kelowna Plastic Surgeon
  • Dec 03, 2020
  • Peterson MD

Everything You Need To Know About a Neck Lift Surgery

Are you thinking about the possibility of a neck lift? Maybe you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your facial appearance but are unsure if a neck lift is right for you? Here is everything you need to know about the procedure so that you can. . .

Plastic Surgery Recovery - Kelowna Plastic Surgeon
  • Nov 17, 2020
  • Peterson MD

How to Best Prepare for Your Recovery From Plastic Surgery

Have you decided to undergo a cosmetic procedure? Are you wondering what you can do to prepare your home, mind, and body for the healing period? Continue reading to learn how you can best prepare for your recovery from plastic surgery. Once you. . .

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  • Oct 28, 2020
  • Peterson MD

Why Your Plastic Surgeon Needs to Be Board Certified

We often see the term "board certified" thrown around, but what exactly does it mean? Why is it important that your plastic surgeon be board certified? Here is why it is critical to ensure that your plastic surgeon is board certified. Have you. . .

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