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Are Silicone Implants Better?

Are Silicone Implants Better?

Breast implants are used during breast augmentation to add volume to the breasts and increase cup size. Two different forms of implants can be used during this plastic surgery: silicone and saline. Silicone implants have a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel whereas saline implants have a silicone shell filled with a sterile saltwater solution. Both forms of implants come with their own benefits and both offer a slightly different breast augmentation experience, both during surgery and after. While neither is considered inherently better than the other, one type of implant may suit your needs and desired outcomes more than the other. Here are some factors to consider.

Which Is Better: Silicone Implants Or Saline Implants?

The Feel
Silicone implants and saline implants each feel slightly different once your breasts have healed after surgery. Silicone implants have been designed to feel fairly similar to a natural breast and are relatively soft to the touch, whereas saline implants tend to be more firm. For some people, the feel of the breast isn’t a large factor, but others may want their implants to more closely resemble their natural breasts, including how they feel.

The Look
Both saline and silicone implants offer a slightly different look. Saline implants tend to look firm and round while silicone implants tend to look more natural with a slight teardrop shape. Neither of these looks is better or worse, but you will want to consider your preference. The size of implants you receive as well as the natural contours of your body and your desired final appearance will all factor into the decision of whether you would feel best with the look of saline or silicone implants. Speak with your plastic surgeon about how the results of each type might look.

The Surgery
Since silicone implants are filled before they are placed, this type of implant will require a fairly large incision. Saline implants, on the other hand, are inserted first and then filled to size after the implants are properly placed. This allows the plastic surgeon to make a smaller incision. Because saline implants can have their size adjusted after they are already in place, this allows you to make changes to the size of your breast implants after your initial surgery. If the size of the implants ends up feeling too large or too heavy in a few years, some of the saline solution from the implant can be drained and the size adjusted. In the same way, the implants can also be filled and made larger.

Risk Of Ruptures
Although breast implant ruptures are extremely rare, it is a possibility you need to be aware of. If a saline implant ruptures, any fluid that seeps into the body can be safely absorbed. While you will still have to have your breast implant replaced, this will be a cosmetic procedure and not a medical emergency. If the liquid from silicone implants leaks into the body, this can cause complications since the body cannot absorb the silicone. The contents of silicone implants tend to remain trapped in the surrounding tissue, causing leaks to happen slowly and potentially go unnoticed until an MRI scan is received.

Saline And Silicone Implants At Peterson MD In Kelowna

If you are considering refining the shape, size, and appearance of your breasts, there are options for different types of breast enhancements to help you achieve the look you desire. If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation and breast implants, you can do more research by reading 8 Common Questions When Contemplating Getting Breast Implants. If you are ready to discuss your plastic surgery options with Kelowna’s choice plastic surgeon, contact Peterson MD at 1-250-868-9099 or fill out the online contact form to schedule a consultation. 

Dr. Brian Peterson at Peterson MD in Kelowna is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive medical training and specialization in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. With the extensive knowledge and skill of Dr. Peterson, along with the knowledgeable staff at Peterson MD who are committed to providing patient education, you can feel confident in the results of your cosmetic surgery.


Q: How long is the recovery time from breast augmentation surgery?
A: Every woman is different and recovery time can vary. It can take up to 6 weeks to be fully recovered from the procedure and be able to resume regular activity. 

Q: Will my surgeon give me insight into which implants I should choose?
A: Yes, your plastic surgeon will be there to guide you through your breast augmentation journey and will educate you about all of your options, weighing the pros and cons of saline and silicone implants to help you make the best decision for yourself.

Q: Can I combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift?
A: Yes you can. Here are 5 reasons you may be interested in combining a breast lift and a breast augmentation. If you are interested in receiving a breast lift at the same time as you receive your implants, discuss this with Dr. Brian Peterson while discussing your cosmetic surgery goals.

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