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6 Reasons to Get Your Cosmetic Surgery Done This Winter

Are you considering plastic surgery to improve your appearance? Have you decided to make your dreams a reality and are trying to decide on the optimal time for your operation? Here is why winter is the best time of year to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Although winter is finally settling in, it is never too early to start to look ahead to warmer days. The summer of 2021 presents an exciting opportunity. This past summer may have not been anybody's favourite, most likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the recent announcement of vaccine rollouts, it's starting to look like the summer of 2021 might be on track to be normal. To get yourself ready for next summer, you might be considering plastic surgery. Getting your cosmetic operation done over the wintertime has many excellent benefits such as:

  • Easier to hide the stitches and healing compression garments
  • More opportunities to take some time off to recover
  • Avoiding the damage UV rays may cause to fresh incisions
  • Being ready to look your best for a warm, beach body season

Keep reading to learn more about why winter is the best time of year to improve your appearance!

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At Peterson Surgery, a Kelowna plastic surgery clinic, our award-winning plastic surgeon can work with you to understand your needs, lifestyle, and body to develop a tailored cosmetic solution. Whether you are looking to boost your appearance with breast augmentation, liposuction, facial surgery, or any other type of cosmetic treatment, Dr. Brian D. Peterson has the expertise to help you reach your goals safely and comfortably.

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6 Reasons Why Winter Is the Best Time of Year to Get Your Cosmetic Surgery

It's official, any semblance of warm weather is officially behind us. While this may be a sad reality for some, it doesn't necessarily need to be that way. While we are all trying to stay warm and cozy inside this winter, why not take the downtime to recover from plastic surgery? Here are six reasons why winter is the optimal time for that cosmetic surgery you have been contemplating.


1. Easy to Avoid The Sun

For many cosmetic operations, one of the best tips to ensure a successful recovery period is to avoid the sun. Powerful UV rays from the sun can impair your healing and increase the likelihood that you will scar. During the winter months, there are many reasons why we tend not to see the sun so much. Clouds, snow, fewer daylight hours, more time spent indoors, and winter bundling when we do venture outside, all make it easy to protect your incisions and stitches from being damaged by sunlight.

2. Take Some Time Off

With the cold weather settling in, and the days continuing to get darker and darker, there really isn't a lot going on right now. This, combined with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, means there are fewer social gatherings, such as weddings and parties, to attend. Although this fact is a little sad, the silver lining is that you can spend your time working on yourself. Right now, and throughout winter, is the optimal time to take some time off and recover from the plastic surgery that you desire. When the weather does eventually warm-up and the pandemic ends, you can emerge from the winter looking revitalized and fantastic.

3. More Clothes to Cover Up

No matter what procedure you are looking at, the unfortunate fact is that there will be some form of recovery. While it could be a mild, week or two-week recovery period if you opt for minor, non-surgical treatment, your recovery could end up taking many months if you go with more substantial plastic surgery. Winter coats, sweaters, and long pants all make winter a much easier time of year to hide the redness, swelling, and stitches that may accompany your cosmetic operation.

4. Get the Boost You Need

Don't worry, we all feel it too; winter can be a very challenging season for many of us. The winter gloom is a real thing that many of us are affected by. While your cosmetic surgery won't improve the weather, create more hours of daylight, or end the COVID-19 pandemic, it will definitely provide you with a positive mental and physical spark. Enhancing your appearance may just provide you with the confidence and positivity that you need to cruise through the winter months and emerge as your best self on the other side.

5. Be Ready for Summertime

When the warm summer weather does finally hit, you will be ready to show off. By taking the time in the winter to undergo your cosmetic surgery, you will have more than enough time to ensure that your body is ready for the summer months. If you want to look your best in your swimsuit, the winter is the best time to get your procedure done so you can look stunning while you suntan, sit by the pool, or relax on the boat.


6. Beat the Late Winter Rush

The busiest time of year for any plastic surgeon is in the late winter and early summer. After months of thinking and deliberating, many patients tend to procrastinate until the warm weather is right on the horizon before choosing to undergo their procedure. Late February to April tends to be the times of the year where plastics surgeons are the most booked up. Beating this rush and getting your cosmetic surgery in early winter will allow you more scheduling flexibility, allowing you to choose a time that best suits your recovery needs.

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