Can Plastic Surgery Make Me More Likable?

Can Plastic Surgery Make Me More Likable?

The Psychological Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Everyone knows that plastic surgery is only skin deep, right? You change your appearance using a variety of methods and become more attractive and confident. But a new study conducted by Dr. Michael Rilley of Georgetown University and his colleagues which was published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery suggests that the effects of plastic surgery are in fact more pervasive than we realize.


It turns out we infer a lot about people based on their looks: deep set eyes make us think someone is untrustworthy, a resting "grumpy face" make us think they are grouchy, and a heavy jawline makes us think of aggression.


The study found that more attractive people are viewed as being more friendly and less hostile by participants in the study.


Another interesting dimension of this study is how plastic surgery patients perceive themselves after undergoing plastic surgery. Someone who did not feel they were attractive before was statistically more likely to be withdrawn, lack self confidence and potentially even avoid social interactions. People who feel attractive are more confident, more outgoing and generally more social. They are more likely to engage with others, and are therefore more likely to form friendships, making others less likely to classify them as "standoffish".


While the actual physical effects of plastic surgery are perceived as being superficial it turns out that feeling attractive has huge psychological benefits. Confident people are perceived as being friendly and likable, and are more likely to engage with others and form bonds.


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