Democratizing Plastic Surgery

Democratizing Plastic Surgery

How and Why Plastic Surgery is Becoming Commonplace

The face of plastic surgery is changing. Once reserved for rich socialites and celebrities who desperately hoped their friends and acquaintances wouldn’t know they "had work done", plastic surgery is now becoming less taboo. This demographic shift regarding the average plastic surgery patient is happening for a variety of reasons. First, it is becoming more affordable, making plastic surgery an option for more than just the wealthy and elite. Second, we as a society are beginning to see plastic surgery as more than just aesthetics. Plastic surgery also offers a variety of benefits from improving physical health to improving self esteem.


Plastic surgery is becoming more affordable, and more natural looking. Gone are the days of giant torpedo shaped breasts and fake looking bodies. Plastic surgery has improved a lot over the last few decades and the advances have resulted in more natural looking aesthetics. As such, people who choose to undergo plastic surgery are presented with results that don’t just look flawless, but also look natural. This fits more in line with our current beauty ideals as a society, which focus less on huge breasts and more on things like thin arms, flat stomachs and perky, medium sized breasts. These subtle improvements can drastically improve a person’s confidence, and confidence is very attractive.


The decrease in cost, and the introduction of payment plans, also makes plastic surgery appealing to more than just the wealthy. Plastic surgery is now within anyone's reach, and because the cost obstacle has been removed more and more individuals are taking advantage of what plastic surgery can offer them. Plastic surgery is no longer viewed as something only a few people can afford, it is now viewed as an investment in yourself.


Investing in yourself using plastic surgery also no longer means just improving your looks. Plastic surgery can be used to correct a variety of health problems. Breast reductions can reduce back and neck strain, a rhinoplasty (nose job) can improve breathing and abdominoplasty can reduce the risk of diabetes. Plastic surgery is a viable option for reducing or eliminating a variety of health problems.


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