Kelowna Breast Augmentation: Saline vs. Silicone

Kelowna Breast Augmentation: Saline vs. Silicone

Like most surgeries, once you decide to move forward with breast augmentation, you will need to consult with your cosmetic plastic surgeon on variety of choices. One of them being: which type of breast implant should I choose?

There are several determining factors that need to be considered when choosing the appropriate breast implant and placement that will help achieve the best results.

This blog will give you a brief overview of Saline and Silicone Implants.

Saline Implants are unique because they are deflated when placed in patients and are later filled with sterile saltwater during surgery, allowing for a much smaller incision to be made. Some other characteristics of Saline Implants include:

  • Increased chance of edge palpability, depending on the amount of natural breast tissue, which is used to conceal the implants.
  • They provide versatility with desired breast size since Saline Implants are manually filled.
  • Occasionally Saline Implants can feel firmer and appear less natural.
  • There’s a larger potential for implant rippling.  
  • Unless you have abundant breast tissue, they usually require submuscular positioning (beneath the muscle).
  • If a rupture occurs, it is easily detected.

Silicone Implants are more commonly used and are comprised of a thick, cohesive (silicone) gel that mimics natural breast tissue. These implants are pre-filled and positioned during surgery. Other Silicone Implant features include:

  • They have a softer, more natural appearance.
  • They can be positioned on top of the muscle (subglandular placement). However, placing implants under the gland increases the risk of rippling and palpation. To properly place implants subglandularly, there needs to be sufficient breast tissue to avoid this effect.
  • They maintain their shape better and therefore have far less rippling and appear more natural.
  • Ruptures are harder to detect.

Now that you understand the basic difference between these implants options, you can discuss your options in further detail with your cosmetic plastic surgeon. During a consultation with Dr. Brian Peterson, you will be presented with different styles, profiles and implant sizes that are most flattering to your body type and in line with your desired results. Consultation appointments also address any concerns or questions regarding the anesthetic used during breast augmentation surgery.

To learn more about Breast Augmentation surgery, call Dr. Brian Peterson at his Cosmetic Plastic Surgery clinic in Kelowna at 250.868.9099 or toll free at 1-888-505-8895.

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