The Rise of "Explants"

The Rise of "Explants"

Why Many Women are Replacing Their Breast Implants

Breast implant sizes vary greatly depending on personal preference and individual concepts of beauty. Opinions on these matters can change over time, and some women find that the implants they originally chose no longer reflect their aesthetic desires.

Many of the women who chose to get breast augmentation surgery also find that their implants have ruptured or are at risk for rupturing. Luckily there is a solution. Many women are opting for what experts are now calling "explants": removing their original implants and replacing them with the same or differently sized implants, or opting for a simple breast lift, instead.

When you are going for your replacement you may also choose to change the size of your implants in order to reflect your changing beauty ideals. Some women may also find that their original breast augmentation surgery did not yield the results they were looking for and needs to be redone.

If you are looking to replace your breast implants call Kelowna’s plastic surgeon of choice Dr. Peterson of Peterson MD today. Your options after your implants are removed include a breast lift, which adds perk without bulk, a different sized set of implants or the option to no longer have implants. Call today to book a consultation appointment at 250.868.9099 and visit for more information.

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