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Benefits of a Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultation

Are you considering cosmetic surgery in the future and need more information? Do you have an emergency or pressing concern? During COVID-19, our clinic is closed but our plastic surgeons are offering telehealth services, including phone and virtual consults, to meet all your needs.

Cosmetic surgery can be one of the most significant planned stressors that you will encounter in your lifetime, so preparing your body and mind beforehand is key for the safest and most satisfactory outcome. It’s important to follow a healthy diet, get optimal sleep, and avoid potentially harmful substances.

In fact, planning now, during this time of social distancing, for a future cosmetic surgery can have many benefits, including:

  • Your body will be stronger and more resilient
  • A faster and more enjoyable recovery period
  • You’ll have a more positive attitude
  • Your surgical risk will be lower

Book a Virtual or Phone Consult to Discuss a Future Cosmetic Surgery

Are you considering having a cosmetic surgery in the future? At our Kelowna clinic, our board-certified plastic surgeons are offering virtual and phone consultations to answer all your questions.

We will use our new telehealth services to get all the necessary medical clearances completed, so that once things return to normal, you will be ready for your procedure right away.

Have an Emergency? We’re Here to Help

If you find yourself in need of an emergency follow-up appointment, we are just a phone call away. We are regularly checking our phones and emails and our plastic surgeons will help determine what the best course of treatment is for you.

Want to know more?

Contact us at 250-868-9099 or contact us online.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultation

While a phone or virtual consultation with your plastic surgeon may seem a little daunting, many patients find that this can be more informative and empowering than they ever imagined.

Why? A virtual plastic surgery consultation will:

  • Give you access to the expert opinion of a leading plastic surgeon
  • Help you learn more about all your options. This gives you powerful knowledge, as well as confidence in decision making
  • Ensure you’ve taken the first big steps towards something you’ve wanted for a long time

Importance of Talking to a Plastic Surgeon Before Cosmetic Surgery

You can do a lot of online research about specific cosmetic surgeries, some valuable, and some not, but the first real step in this journey is to attend a virtual consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

By meeting with such a specialist, you will have real information about what is possible from the surgery — and this can be extremely empowering.

This appointment:

  • Will help you discover your best options and assess the communication style of your surgeon
  • Gives your surgeon a chance to review your health history, previous surgeries, and other factors that are likely to influence your suitability for surgery — and your results
  • Will cover any surgery details, risks, scars, healing and recovery, and any other information regarding your surgery
  • May give you some additional links for further research


Remember: A Virtual Consultation Doesn’t Obligate You To Book Surgery

After your phone or virtual consultation with the plastic surgeon, you should take the information and materials given to you and assess them carefully. Consider the procedure timing, costs, risks, and outcomes and make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon of choice.

  • Remember, surgery is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly
  • There is NO obligation to have surgery just because you had the consultation

Can’t I Just Do My Research Online?

While doing your research online regarding a surgery you wish to have is recommended, only an in-person plastic surgery consultation will allow for an expert opinion and assessment on whether this specific procedure is right for you — and whether your condition is right for the surgery you have in mind.

During this time of COVID-19, we can make an initial assessment during your virtual consultation, before having an in-person consultation later on down the road.

An expert surgeon will look at several things before recommending a certain cosmetic surgery, including your:

  • Skin health
  • Overall well-being
  • Medications
  • Previous surgeries
  • Lifestyle habits

A phone or virtual consultation is also important because you’ll understand your role in getting a safe result, including NOT smoking, allowing adequate recovery time, and following your surgeon’s pre and post surgery instructions.

Ready to Get Started? Book a Phone or Virtual Consultation With Our Plastic Surgeon

If you have long been thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery, now is the perfect time to start planning. With our new telehealth services, we are offering phone or virtual consultations to help determine your suitability and give you key information on our cosmetic procedures.

If you decide you want to go ahead with the procedure, we can work towards getting all the necessary medical clearances completed, so that once things return to normal, you’ll be ready for your surgery.

Want to know more about our telehealth services? Contact us at (250) 868-9099 or fill out our online contact form.

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