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3 Factors to Consider When Deciding Between a Breast Lift vs Augmentation

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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your breasts? Here’s what you need to know about breast lifts, breast augmentation, and a breast augmentation mastopexy, and how to decide which cosmetic surgery is the best fit for your needs.

There are many women around the world who are looking for ways to improve the shape and/or lift of their breasts. Depending on your specific goals and concerns, cosmetic breast surgery, whether it’s a breast augmentation, mastopexy, or reduction, can be used to successfully address issues such as: 

  • Sagging breasts
  • Asymmetry
  • Disproportionately heavy breasts
  • Small breasts
  • Loss of volume

Customized Breast Surgery in Kelowna 

At our Kelowna clinic, we offer a range of customized breast surgery procedures, including breast enhancement, breast lift,  breast augmentation mastopexy and breast reduction, to help meet all your unique needs. Whatever you require, our team of board-certified plastic surgeons have the skill and experience to meet your needs in the safest way possible. 

Want to know more? 


How to Decide if You Need a Breast Lift or a Breast Augmentation 

For various reasons, whether it’s pregnancy or aging, breasts can lose their youthful perkiness and even start to sag on the chest. These changes don’t only occur to women with larger breasts; small-chested women can also experience a downward droop.

Luckily, there are various options available to help correct any concerns you may have, including a breast augmentation, mastopexy, or both. Various factors will come into play when deciding which solution is best suited to your needs.

Here are some things to consider when deciding if you require a breast augmentation, mastopexy, or both: 


Breast volume refers to how full your breasts appear. Weight loss, aging, or pregnancy can cause breasts to lose volume and in such a situation, a breast implant can be used to restore volume to the chest, while improving the shape of your breasts. In addition, a breast lift may also be needed to address any lax tissue.

Breast Size 

If you have always wanted larger breasts, or you want to correct any breast asymmetry, then a breast augmentation could be right for you. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon can discuss your implant options and help you try on implant sizes, to give you a better idea of how you will look after the procedure. 


Nipple Position 

If you notice that your nipples point downwards or sit below your breast crease, you could be a good candidate for a breast lift. Sagging tissue or volume loss could cause the nipple/areola to change position, stretch, or become larger. In addition to raising breast tissue, a breast lift will also reposition the nipple to a more proportionate position. 

Combining a Breast Augmentation With a Mastopexy 

For those who are looking to enhance both the size and position of their breasts, then you can talk to your plastic surgeon about combining a breast lift with an augmentation. Combining both can save you both money and time spent in recovery. 


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To find out more about our range of cosmetic breast surgery procedures, including breast augmentations and breast lifts, and to learn more about how our team of plastic surgeons can help you achieve all your aesthetic goals in a safe manner, contact us at 250-868-9799 or book a consultation online.

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