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4 Reasons Women Opt for a Breast Lift Instead of Breast Implants

Women choose to undergo breast related plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. Factors such as genetics, pregnancy and the aging process can render breasts unflattering in a variety of ways. Not all women, however, want to have to increase their cup size in order to achieve more visually appealing breasts. Here are 4 reasons women choose to undergo a breast lift instead of getting breast implants.

  1. They are happy with their natural size
    Just because you wish you were perkier doesn’t mean you necessarily want to increase your cup size. Many women are concerned that increasing their bust size would look fake or make them feel too topheavy. Women with these concerns often opt instead to undergo a breast lift, which adds perkiness and firmness without adding size.

  2. They aren’t looking for a dramatic change
    Many women, particularly those who are primarily concerned with a lack of perkiness caused by pregnancy or the aging process, are not looking to drastically alter their bust size. Whether it is simply a desire to keep their current wardrobe or a desire to return their breasts to their original perkiness levels many women are only looking for subtle, natural looking breast enhancement.

  3. They like the proportions of their natural silhouette
    Breast implants add bulk as well as perkiness to breasts, something which not all women desire. Petite women in particular are often concerned with looking too top heavy if they get implants, resulting in an unflattering and unnatural look. A breast lift offers increased perkiness without dramatically altering the size of a woman’s breasts.

  4. They have lost a lot of weight, and their breasts are now too flabby
    It takes a while for the body to adjust after significant weight loss, and the dramatic change can often result in stretched out or loose skin. A breast lift can remove the excess skin and create a smooth, contoured breast shape that is more proportionate to a woman’s body size.

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