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5 Reasons to Consider Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery

Everyone has things they don’t like about their bodies. For many women, their breasts are a source of unhappiness. Seen as the ultimate sign of femininity, women resort to a variety of strategies to increase their bust sizes, from push up bras to silicon bra inserts. More and more women, however, are choosing to make the change permanent and opting to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Here are 5 reasons women choose to increase their bust sizes through breast augmentation surgery:

  1. No more fuss
    Push up bras and silicone bra inserts are fine and dandy, until they aren’t. You can’t wear a pushup bra to the beach, and you don’t want to risk having your bra insert popping out of your evening dress. Plus, breast implants offer the perkiness to go bra free, making it easier to wear backless or strapless dresses without having to worry about unsightly straps or unflattering drooping.

  2. They feel more natural
    Instead of constantly readjusting your push up bra or shifting your bra inserts so they sit evenly, you can now just continue on with your day and know that you look your best no matter what you are wearing. Your breasts are a part of you, not a look you should have to create every day.

  3. You feel more confident
    Feeling at home in your own body can do wonders for your self esteem. When you aren’t worrying about drooping, inadequate size or moderate asymmetry you both look and feel more attractive. People who believe they are beautiful are more confident, and confidence is beautiful!

  4. Your clothes will fit better
    Women’s clothing is cut for women with curves. Nothing can be more frustrating than falling in love with a dress or top only to try it on and find out it is baggy and unflattering in the chest area. Some clothes, such as strapless dresses and shirts, rely on the tension breasts provide in order to hold them up, or to properly fill out a structured bodice. Structured bodices in particular are very unflattering if they are not filled out properly, not only resulting in an embarrassing gap between the dress and your chest but also awkward sagging throughout the entire torso area.

  5. You feel more proportionate
    Many women, particularly those with curvy hips, often feel ill proportioned when their breasts are too small. By undergoing breast augmentation surgery you can make your silhouette more balanced, and help yourself achieve that classic hourglass figure.

If you are considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery, visit or call 250.868.9099 today to book your consultation with Dr. Brian Peterson, Kelowna’s plastic surgeon of choice.


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