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7 Things You Need to Know About Breast Implants

Are you considering a breast augmentation surgery? While this cosmetic procedure offers many benefits, there are certain things you must consider before opting for breast implants. During a virtual plastic surgery consultation with our Kelowna surgeon, you can receive all the information you need to make the safest and most informed decision regarding your procedure. 

For women who are unhappy with the size, shape, and position of their breasts, there are a number of breast surgeries, including breast lifts and breast augmentation, that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently requested breast surgeries, and while the primary benefit of this procedure is an improved appearance of your breasts, the advantages go far beyond merely increasing your breast size. 

Breast augmentation can also improve: 

  • Breasts that are uneven 
  • Breasts that lack fullness
  • Poor cleavage 
  • Lack of projection 
  • Imbalanced appearance or lack of proportion 

Considering a Breast Augmentation or Lift? Book a Virtual Consultation With Our Kelowna Plastic Surgeon 

Breast augmentation is not right for every woman, but if you feel that your breasts are too small, not the right shape, or they don’t give you the look you desire, then it might be the best procedure for you. 

To find out more about the costs and benefits of this procedure, you can schedule a virtual consult with our Kelowna plastic surgeon today to have all of your questions about prospective cosmetic surgery answered. 


7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Breast Implants 

Breast augmentation remains one of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures in Canada, and if you are considering it, it’s important to have a very good understanding of what it involves, what you should expect, and how to be as prepared as possible before the procedure. 

Here are the top 7 things you need to know before you get breast implants: 

  1. You need to be healthy. You cannot have a breast augmentation surgery if you are pregnant, have cancer, or an active infection. In addition, smoking and obesity both increase the risk of surgical complications, so you must be in good general health before undergoing this procedure. 

  2. Your first breast implant surgery is unlikely to be your last. Breast implants don’t last forever and they may need to be changed every 10 years or so. That means, you will have to think about having them removed or redone at a later date. Ask yourself if you are prepared to have further surgery in years to come and if you can take on the costs associated with that. 

  3. Breast implants will feel different from natural breasts. Although silicone breasts feel very similar to real breasts, they are still artificial and may not feel exactly like natural breast tissue, particularly if you have very little breast tissue. 

  4. You may experience a temporary change in nipple sensation. Many women who undergo breast augmentation will experience a temporary change in nipple sensation, which can be painful. As the body continues to heal, the nipples will return to normal sensitivity. Keep in mind that in certain cases, this change in sensation is permanent. 

  5. It can take up to a year to see your full results. What you see immediately after your procedure is not the final results. In the beginning, your new breasts may appear unnaturally high, but remember that your implants need time to settle and it can take the best part of a year before you see the final result.

  6. If you are planning to get pregnant, talk to your surgeon. Many women with breast implants successfully breastfeed their babies, but the surgery does carry some risk of damage to the ducts and nerves. If you are considering pregnancy post breast augmentation, be sure to discuss this with your surgeon.

  7. You need to take care while in the sun. For about a year after the procedure, it’s always best to keep your incision scars out of direct sunlight as the pigment change that can occur may be permanent. Also bear in mind that you’ll have to wear a support bra for the first few months, which might affect your wardrobe if you are planning a beach holiday. 

Have Questions About a Breast Augmentation? Book a Virtual Consultation With Our Kelowna Plastic Surgeon 

Are you considering a breast augmentation surgery? Do you have questions and concerns about this procedure? During a virtual consultation, our Kelowna plastic surgeon can address all your queries and help you decide whether or not this is the right procedure for you. 

If you have decided that you want to go ahead with a breast augmentation, or any other surgery, we can help you work towards getting all the necessary medical clearances completed, so you can be fully prepared for the procedure. 

To find out more, contact us at (250) 868-9099 or fill out our online contact form

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