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Advantages of Silicone Breast Implants

Advantages of Silicone Breast Implants

If you are contemplating breast augmentation surgery, surely at some point you will need to weigh the pros and cons of the types of implant options available to you. Whether you choose silicone or saline, the decision will ultimately have an effect on the look and feel of your new breasts after surgery.

Both of these types of implants have different properties and considerations, but many surgeons have a tendency to choose silicone due to some additional benefits to patients. This article will cover the reasons many people choose silicone implants and what exactly their advantages are.

Silicone Implants Produce Less Scar Tissue. More and more people are asking about the safety of breast implants and this important benefit plays well into that discussion. Scar tissue is a natural part of the body’s healing process and is expected to happen minimally after augmentation. Where you can run into problems is when the scar tissue grows too much and becomes firm, essentially squeezing the implant into an odd shape. One of the benefits of silicone is known for having a substantially reduced risk of causing this hard scar tissue known as capsular contracture.

Silicone Implants Look and Feel Natural. There are many styles of breast implants; from the materials they are made of to the shape of the implant. Even the type of incision the surgeon makes can affect the outcome of your augmentation. But a common request for women of all ages is that they want their breasts to look and feel natural after breast augmentation. Silicone breast implants do a great job of delivering in this area. The texture of a silicone implant closely resembles that of real breast tissue due to its gel-like consistency. Some patients choose to undergo only an augmentation to increase size, and some patients choose to get a breast lift (breast mastopexy) in addition to getting plants. Whichever option works best for you, many people find that their surgeon still recommends choosing silicone implants for a long-lasting, natural breast shape after surgery.

Saline Breast Implants Have a Higher Chance of Rippling. A common complaint of many women with saline implants is that they notice a wrinkled appearance on the skin at times. This is essentially the saline solution and outer shell of the implant being seen through the tissue and skin of the patient. Silicone implants have a much greater chance of appearing rippled underneath the skin, especially for those with lower body fat and/or less breast tissue to cover the implant itself.

Saline Implants are Heavier Feeling. If you were to pull out a scale, saline solution and its surrounding shell will have a slightly heavier weight than the silicone version of the same size (which is measured in cc’s). Although on the scale, the difference in weight may not seem like a lot, many people say that the saline solution has a heavier feel than it’s silicone counterpart does. Another noteworthy difference is that saline implants have been reported to move around a bit more in the pocket of the chest over time, so for that reason alone many people choose silicone over saline.

Is Silicone Right For You?

Breast surgery of any type is a very personal decision that will include the following decisions:

  • Should I get saline or silicone breast implants?
  • Should my augmentation include a breast lift (breast mastopexy)?
  • Should I get implants under or over the muscle?
  • Where will my surgeon choose to make the incision?

Regardless of the answers to these questions, one fact remains… your surgeon will answer all these questions and more based on your current health and body type, desired result, and how best to get you there.

Dr. Peterson MD is known in Kelowna’ and around as a top breast surgeon providing individualized services to men and women for decades. He and his experienced team operate out of the state-of-the-art Okanagan Health Surgical Centre and are here to answer your questions, guide your choices, and give you the augmentation results you seek. Book your consultation today by filling out the contact form, or by calling locally: (250) 868-9099, or toll free: (888) 505-8895.


Q: Does a boob job include a lift?
A: While many people desire a ‘boob job’ the reality is that term can speak to a number of surgical options such as:

  • Breast Augmentation (meaning to make bigger)
  • Breast Mastopexy (also known as a lift)
  • A combination of the two
  • A fat transfer

Q: Can I get a breast lift without an implant?
A: Yes, patients can choose to undergo breast mastopexy (breast lift) without getting an implant as well. That being said, a lift can reduce your cup size to some degree as your surgeon will be removing some of the skin and tissue to create a lifted effect to your breasts. A breast lift alone does not add to, or increase, the curve or fullness of the breast, so many choose to pair a lift with a fat transfer and/or breast implant.

Q: Are saline implants safer than silicone?
A: Both types of implant are safe and approved for use by Health Canada. Both offer many advantages and disadvantages to consider before breast surgery, so be sure to connect with a plastic surgeon who will help you decide which kind is right for you.

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