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Beat Breakouts With The Help of Kelowna Acne Treatment Specialists

Breakouts can impact our self-esteem, and can also come with irritation, redness, and inflammation. They can also result in scarring, so naturally, you want to get rid of them! But treating acne as an adult isn't as simple as the "toothpaste trick". Read on to discover tips from our Kelowna acne treatment specialists.

Most of us hope to leave acne behind in the teenage years. However, some people continue to get breakouts right up until their 20s, while others, after years of clear skin, find themselves experiencing the skin issues they thought they’d left behind along with the beauty fads of their high school days.

However, just because acne is commonly seen in teens, doesn’t mean you should address it in the same ways:

  • Adult skin is often thinner and dryer than it was in your teens, so layering on the harsh soaps and drugstore spot treatments might not be the best option.
  • Adult acne might also have different causes or triggers than teenage acne.

To fight breakouts, whether you're in your mid-20s or your 50s, follow these tips.

Nonsurgical Skin Treatements


Tips On Banishing Acne From Kelowna Acne Treatment Specialists

1. Cut Back On The Creams

Many anti-aging products are highly moisturizing, but this can trigger breakouts for those with skin that is already producing enough oil. If you are in your twenties and thirties, be careful of what type of anti-ageing treatments you decide to apply--many of them may be too rich for your skin type.


2. Don’t Treat Your Skin Aggressively

It is never a good idea to scrub your skin, but it’s likely to be a lot less forgiving now when your skin is a little dryer. Exfoliating and cleansing too frequently, or with the wrong ingredients, can cause your skin to overproduce oils, which clogs your pores even more. It can also trigger inflammation, which can make the appearance of acne worse.


3. Emphasize The "Spot" In Spot Treatment

Often, adult breakouts are localized to certain areas. If you feel the need to use a product with a high concentration of the active ingredient, such as Benzoyl Peroxide, apply it only to the areas that require treatment.

Applying large amounts of powerful products to your entire face may banish breakouts, but it may also trigger inflammation and dryness elsewhere, which can cause flaking, redness, and irritation. Similarly, piling on the rich moisturizer without skipping over problem areas is a surefire way to exacerbate your breakouts. This tip is especially important for anyone with combination skin!


4. Don’t Restrict Yourself To The Drugstore Aisle

Drugstore products usually contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These are ideal for treating smaller breakouts, but for cystic acne, you may need to take prescription treatments, which may be either topical or oral.

Additionally, while they can be convenient and affordable, some drugstore skincare products may contain a higher amount of filler ingredients, including fragrances, that can irritate the skin further.

If you do intend to stick to drugstore cosmetic products:

  • Educate yourself on the ingredient and always read the labels.
  • Ask your Kelowna acne specialist for suggestions.


5. Stress Less

In teen years, fluctuating hormones are a key contributor to acne. As adults, we’re done growing, but certain medications, as well as external factors, can create imbalances that lead to adult acne.

These include:

  • stress
  • hormonal fluctuations around menopause
  • certain birth control pills

While it may not be possible to control some of these factors (although we all wish we could), it's possible to take steps to de-stress your life. Ensure that you get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and leave yourself a bit of time each week to recharge. 


6. Consider More Powerful Treatments

Laser treatment can be effective in combating some forms of cystic acne, while dermabrasion or its gentler counterpart, microdermabrasion, may be effective in in diminishing discolouration or acne scarring.



Contact Our Kelowna Acne Treatment Specialists

Our Kelowna acne treatment specialists are dedicated to helping patients of all ages achieve clear and beautiful skin. To schedule a consultation, give us a call at 250-868-9099 or message us throughout online contact form.

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