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Body Contouring: The Most Requested Liposuction Treatment Areas

Body Contouring: The Most Requested Liposuction Treatment Areas

Liposuction is a form of body contouring that is used to get rid of fat cells and create a smooth, toned appearance. Often when people think of liposuction, the first thing that comes to mind is stomach fat reduction, but there are actually many areas where liposuction can be used. This body contouring procedure is typically used on parts of the body where a person struggles to get rid of excess fat with proper diet and exercise. This is because there are some areas of the body that hold on to fat easier than others. Here are some areas many people struggle to tone on their own and may benefit from the assistance of liposuction to create a sleek and toned silhouette. 

Common Areas for Body Contouring

Lower and Upper Abdomen
If you look at your stomach, there are often two distinct areas where fat is deposited: the lower abdomen from the navel down to the pubic area and the upper abdomen from the navel up to the chest. Both of these sections are very common areas for people to receive liposuction as the fat in these areas tends to be particularly difficult to lose and the result of body contouring the upper and lower abdomen is the most noticeable. Removing fat from the lower abdomen reduces the look of the “stomach pouch” that so many people feel self-conscious about, especially while wearing low-rise or snug bottoms. When receiving liposuction on the lower abdomen, many people also receive liposuction on the upper abdomen as well, so that the stomach is smooth all the way down and looks natural. Body contouring this portion of the tummy also helps tops fit better and can even accentuate the natural size of a woman’s breasts.

Also referred to as the flank, this is the area between the ribs and the hips. The waist is typically the point where a person’s torso is the smallest. Receiving body contouring on this area can help to create a more defined hourglass figure while shrinking love handles on the sides of the body and reducing the appearance of “muffin top” This is a very popular area for body contouring, as many people feel self-conscious about this area and how it affects their silhouette.

It is especially difficult to lose pockets of fat in this area. The back tends to carry fat both near the ribs and just above the buttocks. When people get body contouring for their waist, they will often also receive back contouring so that they have a smooth and even silhouette all the way around.

Upper Arms
This is a popular area for body contouring as the arms are a very difficult area to tone and over time the skin can lose elasticity and appear to sag. To help make your arms slimmer, you can undergo liposuction to remove excess arm fat; however, if your arms appear to sag due to excess skin or a loss of skin elasticity, you may want to consider an arm lift instead. Whereas liposuction will reduce arm fat, an arm lift will remove excess tissue. Read Body Contouring: What Is An Arm Lift? to learn more.

Women tend to store fat in their thighs more easily than men, making this an area more popular for women’s body contouring. While some women desire liposuction to tone the inner thighs to reduce how much their thighs rub together when they walk and to create a better shape, other women get liposuction on the outer thighs to change their silhouette and create a smoother look.

The actual buttocks itself often does not undergo liposuction. Instead, the area where the upper back of the legs meets the buttocks is a popular area for liposuction. Body contouring in this area can create more definition and shape to the buttocks.


Body Contouring From A Kelowna Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction can help you remove stubborn fat and achieve the slim and shapely look you desire. This form of body contouring can be used on many areas of the body and if you are interested in liposuction, schedule a consultation with Peterson MD. Dr. Brian Peterson will discuss your desired outcomes, your lifestyle, and more to determine if you are a good candidate for body contouring.

Dr. Brian Peterson at Peterson MD in Kelowna is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive medical training and specialization in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. With the extensive knowledge and skill of Dr. Peterson along with the knowledgeable staff at Peterson MD who are committed to providing patient education, you can feel confident in the results of your body contouring treatment. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Peterson, call 1-250-868-9099 or fill out the contact form.



Q: Should liposuction be used to lose weight?
A: No. Liposuction is not designed to help you lose weight and should not replace exercise and dieting. In fact, you should be at a healthy weight before undergoing this body contouring procedure. 

Q: Are the results of liposuction permanent?
A: Yes. Liposuction permanently removes fat cells. However, fat cells in other parts of your body can still expand if you gain weight. 

Q: Does liposuction remove stretch marks or cellulite?
A: No. Liposuction does not remove stretch marks or cellulite.

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