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Breast Lift Surgery Means Smaller Cup Size? Not Necessarily

Overview: For many women, a by product of undergoing breast mastopexy cosmetic surgery is a reduction in cup size. However, according to a study conducted by staff at New York University these results have a very natural origin. Read the blog below to find out more.

After a breast mastopexy procedure, a patient's bra size decreases on average by one cup. However, a study carried out by Dr. Kate Elizabeth Weichman of New York University has found that this does not necessarily point to an actual reduction in breast size, but rather it highlights the true effects of the breast lift itself.

Following an extensive survey of 20 women it was found that all except one reported a reduction in bra size post breast lift surgery. But if breast lift surgery only lifts the breast then why is it common for patients to report an apparent reduction in breast size? The answer can be found in the common misconceptions regarding bra size and fit. Dr. Weichman suggests that prior to breast mastopexy, many patients experience a sagging breast and as a result of this they feel more comfortable wearing a larger bra size. However, after the procedure the breast tissue is lifted and does not fill out the cup as much, which almost always causes patients to then choose a smaller bra size.

Dr. Weichman sees this as an important point: “We encourage patients to consider their true preoperative cup size to be smaller than what they currently wear.”

Bottom Line: The implications of this study are important, as it shows that many women are not aware of their true cup size. Therefore it is important to carefully consider this before undergoing breast mastopexy, otherwise you may be surprised. During your consultation at Peterson MD Plastic Surgery in Kelowna, Okanagan, Dr. Brian D. Peterson will carefully explain all the consequences of your surgery to you beforehand. He will show you what your true cup size is and will explain what the final result of your procedure will be.

For more information on breast lift surgery, or any breast surgery procedure, contact Dr. Peterson in Kelowna today on (250) 868-9099.

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