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Chemical Peels: Post-operative Care For Your Radiant Skin

Chemical peels are great for regenerating new skin cells that will have your skin looking, hydrated, years younger, but only if you do it right. Keep reading and find out more about how you can maximize your results after undergoing a chemical peel. 

Depending on the chemical peel procedure you received, your post-procedural effects and care process may differ. Whether you are experiencing red, dry and mildly irritated skin, or swelling and throbbing skin, it is important to provide your skin with care it needs in the days following a chemical treatment.

Each patient is unique and so is their skin; our Kelowna Cosmetic Surgeon understands that. After your initial consultation appointment, our professional plastic surgeon will assess the situation and make a professional recommendation accordingly. We do our best to make sure you receive a cosmetic treatment that will get you the radiant, flawless and vibrant skin you deserve.


3 Types of Chemical Peel Procedures And Their Effects

  • Superficial Chemical Peel: This treatment level removes the outer layer of the skin and is generally used to treat fine wrinkling, dryness, uneven skin tone and acne.
  • Medium Chemical Peel: Also treating surface wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation, this level of treatment is deeper and removes skin cells from portions of the upper part of the middle layer of your skin.
  • Deep Chemical Peel: As the name suggests, this treatment level removes skin cells from portions of the mid to lower layer of the skin and is generally recommended to patients with deeper wrinkles, scars and precancerous growths.

With each of these treatment options, you can be sure that the recovery time and process will vary. However, you can expect that your skin will people for a minimum of 3-10 days following a treatment.

After a chemical peel appointment, our board-certified Kelowna plastic surgeon will provide you with postoperative instructions to help you navigate the recovery process. To ensure a successful recovery and result, it is essential that you follow your provider’s instructions carefully.

In the case that you have forgotten what to do following your Kelowna chemical peel, here’s what you need to know following your procedure.


Post-operative Care Dos and Don’ts For Your Radiant Skin

Regardless of what type of chemical peel treatment you have received, it is important to:

  • Consult your treatment provider to make sure your preferred post-procedural skin product will not hinder your recovery.
  • Use hydrating, water-based skincare products that don’t contain alcohol or acids.
  • Actively avoid sun exposure and heat, including tanning beds, saunas, jacuzzis, hot showers etc., to avoid damaging your new skin before it has the chance to heal.
  • Instead of wearing foundation, which will highlight peeling and flaking, use a moisture-rich BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

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If you have any questions about a recent chemical peel treatment or are considering undergoing a chemical treatment, schedule a consultation or give us a call at (250) 868-9099 and our plastic surgery experts will help you out.

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