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Correct Your Under Eye Circles With Fillers

Dark under eye circles have multiple causes. Most of us think if we just sleep better they’ll go away but that’s not often the case. While fatigue is a cause, there are several others that are further outside your control.

Causes Of Under Eye Circles

  1. Hyperpigmentation: sometimes dark circles are darker skin.
  2. Dilated Blood Vessels: more blood near the surface of your skin results in a darker appearance.
  3. Skin Thinning: this allows the blood vessels to be seen more easily whether or not they’re dilated.
  4. Medication: some medication like birth control can cause under eye circles.
  5. Sun Exposure: sun exposure can darken circles so always wear sunscreen.
  6. Tear Trough Deformity: the skin right below the eye is sunken, casting shadow and making it appear as though there are dark circles when in fact the skin is not darker.

Tear Trough Deformity

It sounds worse than it is. You don’t need another body part to worry over, so let’s clear that us right away. “Tear trough deformity” is the medical term for when the skin around the lower eye is sunken, or the eye is deep set and “sticks out”, casting a shadow over the lower eyelid and area directly beneath it. This can give the appearance of under-eye circles that don’t actually exist. It explains why no amount of concealer helps.

The good news is this is easily treatable with both surgical and non-surgical options. 


Tissue Fillers

Injecting a filler such as Restalyne or Juvederm can plump up the skin underneath the eye, removing the sunken appearance and the shadow. Not only does it decrease the hollow but it helps hide signs of aging occurring below. 

The amount of filler to be injected must be determined very carefully so only see a trained medical professional like our Kelowna staff for this procedure. Because the actual tear trough is located in this area, the injection must be done with precision to prevent blockage, damage and faulty results, like lumps. 

It is important to consider all potential causes of under eye circles when devising a treatment plan. If you have hyperpigmentation or dilated blood vessels, filling the hollow beneath the eye will remove the shadow but the dark circle of colour will remain (although now can be concealed with make-up.) Keep in mind that injections do not lighten the skin, only raise it, so if you have significant hyperpigmentation it may become more noticeable to you. Talk to your surgeon about any other treatments to help with additional causes.

In younger patients with deep hollows, an injection done deep into the dermis will help. If the skin is thin and aging has resulted in a significant loss of lower eyelid fat, it may make more sense to do injections closer to the surface. If you have previously had eyelid surgery and the natural loss of fat with aging has given you a more hollow appearance, you may be a good candidate for fillers. 


Eyelid Surgery

In the past, blepharoplasty was the only option for dealing with any under eye problem. This eyelid surgery can still address many problems, including under eye bags and circles, but is no longer the only solution. 

Eyelid surgery can help deal especially with lumpy fat deposits that create bags and with loose or sagging skin. While tightening the skin through surgery doesn’t address tear trough deformity specifically, it can still provide an overall improved appearance. Candidates with significant lower eyelid fat cannot have injections done, so eyelid surgery is their best option for dealing with the issue. Eyelid surgery is also permanent; injections are not. 

Eyelid Surgery


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Whether to get injections or eyelid surgery depends on many factors including the patient’s issues, anatomies such as fat pads and skin thickness and tightness, age, and expectations. Both are valid options depending on that constellation of factors. 

If you are interested in correcting your under eye circles or bags, contact our experienced Kelowna team for a consultation using our online form or call 250-868-9099.

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