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Dermabrasion For Scar Revision

Dermabrasion For Scar Revision

Whether caused by falling off your bike as a child, intense acne, or surgery, scars can mar the skin and be highly noticeable. These marks on the skin can cause a person to feel self-conscious and can even be uncomfortable or reminiscent of unpleasant memories. If you want to reduce the look of your scars and create a more even complexion and smoother skin, dermabrasion can help. This skin rejuvenation technique can be used to create even skin and can reduce the appearance of scars of varying sizes and depths. Both raised scars and sunken scars can benefit from dermabrasion, as it evens the texture and tone of the skin.

Reduce The Appearance Of Scars With Dermabrasion

What Is Dermabrasion?
Dermabrasion removes the topmost layers of the skin to promote the growth of new cells and reduce the appearance of the scar. This treatment uses controlled surgical scraping, also known as skin resurfacing, to help the skin appear smoother. 

What Types Of Scarring Can Dermabrasion Reduce?
Dermabrasion can reduce the appearance of scars from:

  • Acne
  • Medical Procedures
  • Accidents
  • Pox marks
  • Disease

Dermabrasion can also help to reduce the appearance of scarring from burns, although it is not as effective for this type of scarring. Dermabrasion can address raised scars such as hypertrophic and keloids. Dermabrasion can be used on various parts of the body, so you can address scarring wherever it may occur.

Dermabrasion Versus Microdermabrasion For Scar Treatment
While these two treatments are related, they are not quite the same. Microdermabrasion is a more mild resurfacing treatment. While microdermabrasion can help to remove dead skin and increase collagen production to create a more hydrated and fresh appearance, it cannot physically reduce scarring. Microdermabrasion can help the skin temporarily become plumper, which can reduce the appearance of scarring by making the scar less indented, but the scar itself won’t actually change or lighten. Dermabrasion is a more intense treatment that goes deeper into the skin and actually removes some of the scarred tissue. If you are looking for a deep exfoliation or treatment of surface-level skin issues, microdermabrasion can work, but scars are deeper in the skin and require a more intense treatment.

Dermabrasion is a long-lasting solution to decrease the visibility of scars. The results of your dermabrasion treatment will depend on several factors, including the extent of the scarring before dermabrasion, if the condition that caused the scarring is ongoing and may cause more scarring, and your skin tone. For deeper scars, you may need more than one treatment. Deep scarring may not be completely resolved with dermabrasion, but the appearance can be reduced and the texture of the skin improved. Before you receive dermabrasion, consult with your treatment provider about your desired results and any conditions that may influence results. 

If you are preparing for dermabrasion, learn What To Expect When Getting Dermabrasion and what you need to know about Recovering From Dermabrasion before you get your treatment.


Dermabrasion For Scar Reduction In Kelowna

If you are interested in reducing the appearance of your scars, Peterson MD offers high-quality dermabrasion services that can even the texture and tone of your skin. Before treatment, Dr. Peterson will discuss your desired outcomes and will assess the size and severity of your scar to determine what treatment time and how many sessions may be needed for the best results. Dr. Brian Peterson is a highly experienced and reputable plastic surgeon and he and his staff will work with you to reduce your scarring to help you feel confident in your own skin. If you are interested in cosmetic skin resurfacing using dermabrasion, contact Dr. Brian D. Peterson’s office in Kelowna, Okanagan, to schedule a consultation by filling out the online contact form or calling 1-250-868-9099.



Q: Is dermabrasion safe?
A: Dermabrasion is a very safe and effective cosmetic procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced physician. The possibility of risks, or complications, is greatly reduced when you choose and follow the advice of a qualified plastic surgeon.

Q: Is a dermabrasion skin treatment good for your skin?
A: By using a tool to cause regrowth and regeneration of the skin, dermabrasion is a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of flaws, scars, sun damage, age spots, and wrinkles. Your skin will be blotchy and sensitive for a few weeks after the procedure but is otherwise a great way to improve the look and feel of your skin.

Q: Will dermabrasion make my skin firmer?
A: Because this skin rejuvenation procedure will remove some layers of skin, your body will produce collagen while repairing it. This is a protein that promotes healing in the skin as well as skin elasticity. This will help give your skin a more full, plump, and firm look and feel once it’s healed.

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