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Enhance Your Look Without Surgery

Do you want to rejuvenate your appearance, but aren’t sure if you want to go under the knife? Are you starting to see early signs of ageing, but have symptoms that don’t yet require surgery? Nonsurgical rejuvenation might be for you.

At our Kelowna plastic surgery hospital, we offer a wide range of cosmetic surgeries overseen by Dr. Peterson, a surgeon with over twenty years of experience. However, at some consultations, a patient may come in with symptoms that don’t require anything as invasive as surgery, or who wish to forego surgery altogether for personal reasons.

What happens in this case?

  • Dr Peterson refers you to the nonsurgical wing of his practice.
  • This skin clinic covers numerous treatments.

This includes:

  • nonsurgical rejuvenation techniques such as Botox
  • skin treatments
  • laser hair removal

Why Choose Treatment At Okanagan Skin Care Centre, Overseen By Dr. Peterson?

1. Your cosmetic care is overseen by an expert

You can have access to a consultation done by surgeons or registered nurses. If you opt for surgery, you will be in capable hands, and if you opt for nonsurgical care, you can be sure that not only are your injectors qualified but that they are educated medical professionals.

2. Convenient Care

When patients book a consultation at either Dr. Peterson’s surgical practice or Okanagan Skin Clinic, they can easily be booked for their procedure at our Richter Street location, no matter their needs.

For example:

  • If a patient wants a more youthful look, we can refer them to either a surgery or Botox/filler session overseen by Dr Peterson.
  • If a patient wishes to have laser hair removal to complement a full body makeover, we can create a custom package just for them.

Popular Nonsurgical Treatments

Nonsurgical Skin Rejuvenation

Many patients wish to turn back the clock on issues such as wrinkles and expression lines. While for many patients, a facelift or neck-lift might be an ideal options, for others, a softer approach is warranted. The registered nurses at Okanagan Skin Care Centre can use Botox to address anti-aging concerns. Botox is a neurotoxin that prevents the muscles from contracting and creating a wrinkled appearance. For other non-surgical skincare patients, Juvederm can be used to fill out hollow areas.

Kelowna Skin Treatments

Many patients come to their doctor with skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, or skin damage. Dr Peterson offers dermabrasion, an in-depth procedure that refreshes the skin by using controlled techniques to remove its top layer. This mode of resurfacing is extremely effective, but some individuals who are only beginning to experience signs of ageing or skin damage might find it is “too much”.

For these patients, nonsurgical treatment methods may be a better option.

These can include:

  • microdermabrasion and chemical peels to resurface the skin
  • laser treatments for conditions such as acne and rosacea
  • product and medicine recommendations to soothe the skin at home

Laser Hair Removal

Gaining smoother, softer skin is a top concern for many patients, and is the perfect addition to any makeover. At Okanagan Skin clinic, we offer a variety of laser hair removal techniques for the face and body.

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Can't decide whether you want surgical or nonsurgical treatment? Whether you’re seeking Botox, a facelift, gentle treatments or dramatic rejuvenation options, we’re here to help! Contact us for a consultation today! You can reach us at 250-868-9099 or through our online contact form.

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I recently had liposuction done by Dr. Peterson to fix Coolsculpt I had had done that left me uneven. He was very professional, caring and compassionate and assured me everything could be fixed. I can't express my gratitude to Dr. Peterson for what an amazing job he did and how well he took care of me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon, in fact I have recommended him to many friends and they have all been very happy. My experience at the clinic was amazing, right from the beginning talking with Cynthia and the amazing care I got from all the nurses, I felt very special.

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