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How To Maintain The Results Of A Breast Lift

How To Maintain The Results Of A Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as a breast mastopexy, is a plastic surgery that alters the shape of the breast to create more lift and symmetry. This procedure can also improve the look and position of the nipple and areola. A breast lift is a long-term solution for breasts that are sagging, uneven, deflated, or otherwise unsatisfactory. This procedure can greatly help people feel more confident in their own skin and can boost self-esteem. If you are considering a breast lift, make sure you know what is required during the recovery process as well as how to care for your breast lift so the results last for years to come.

Maintaining The Results Of Your Breast Lift

Eat Well
Eating a well-balanced diet of healthy foods will benefit the results of your breast lift in a multitude of ways. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoiding fatty or salty foods will benefit your overall health and help to reduce signs of aging, keeping your skin youthful and healthy. Eating right will also prevent your weight from fluctuating, which can cause the skin to stretch and sag. Eating well doesn’t mean going hungry; make sure you are eating healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish (full of good, healthy fats!) to maintain a steady weight. If you find yourself getting hungry throughout the day, try eating smaller portions more frequently instead of eating 3 large meals.

Be Active
Exercising is a great way to stay healthy, which will in turn help keep your skin healthy and keep your breast lift looking great even as you age. Building strength in your chest muscles will also greatly help get the best results out of your breast lift, as developed chest muscles will keep your breasts in a lifted position. This will help prevent the breasts from sagging and will keep them perky.

Stay Hydrated
Proper hydration is vital both inside and out. Using a high-quality moisturizer on your breasts will help to keep the skin firm and will slow down signs of aging. Some creams and serums also contain ingredients that can stimulate collagen production and help your breasts stay naturally lifted. Moisturizing the skin from the outside is great, but also make sure you drink plenty of water. Staying adequately hydrated will help prevent sagging and the development of stretch marks while keeping your skin nourished.

Consult With Your Plastic Surgeon
If you are considering a breast lift, it is always beneficial to speak with an expert. An experienced plastic surgeon can explain how a breast lift will alter your breast shape and will discuss your desired outcomes. Your plastic surgeon can also explain other options available to you, such as combining your breast lift with a breast reduction or with breast augmentation, depending on your goals for the procedure. If you are concerned about how to maintain the results of your breast lift for years to come, don’t hesitate to ask a qualified plastic surgeon.

Breast Lift Surgery With Kelowna’s Choice Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering breast lift surgery to lift, reshape, and refine your breasts, book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Peterson. Ensure your breast lift lasts for years by caring for your body and choosing a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. During consultation, Dr. Brian Peterson will discuss your long-term goals for your appearance. Together, you will create a recovery plan that will lead to optimal results for years to come. To schedule a consultation and start planning your breast lift, either call 1-250-868-9099 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: What will I need to do to prepare for a breast lift?
A: The first thing you need to do is to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon. Once you have decided on the right procedure for you, Dr. Peterson will provide you with pre and post-procedure instructions detailed specifically for you. An important thing to note: on the day of surgery you will need to arrange to be driven home.

Q: Will a breast lift make my breasts smaller?
A: Although some skin will be removed from the breast, any size that might be “lost” is typically made up for in lift and shape. Read here for more information.

Q: Who should not get a breast lift?
A: While breast lifts can be performed on most people, it is not recommended for women who:

  • Are breastfeeding.
  • Plan on becoming pregnant.
  • Are on medications that may interact with anaesthetic.
  • Have breast cancer.
  • Have a serious illness or infection.
  • To know if you are a good candidate for a breast lift, schedule a consultation with Dr. Peterson.

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