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Kelowna Breast Lift: Shapes and Sizes

Without a doubt, the most popular body part worldwide are breasts, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ageing and genetics can cause those shapes and sizes to be off symmetrically or cause them to hang low. The plastic surgery procedure, augmentation mastopexy, can restore a woman’s breasts shape by elevating them to a more youthful position and ensure that both breasts are the same shape. Continue reading the blog below to find out more about the breast lift.

There are several reasons why a woman’s breasts can begin to sag or hang lower, the usual suspects are genetics and ageing, but did you know that tanning can cause breasts to head south? The collagen in breasts, along with elastin give breasts their shape, and ultra violet rays break down this connective tissue, resulting in breasts hanging lower.

The human body is symmetrical, but for some women, one breast may be larger than the other or both are different in shape.  Once again genetics are the cause. In cases of women that have nursed a child, the favoured breast for nursing commonly is stretched further than the other. This breaks the symmetry of breasts.  However the plastic surgery procedure, augmentation mastopexy, recommended by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Peterson, can restore a woman’s breasts to a youthful appearance. Breast augmentation mastopexy, better known as the breast lift, is a cosmetic procedure that corrects sagging of the breasts and also makes them rounder and fuller. The breast lift will result in a smaller size breast but the procedure can be combined with augmentation mammoplasty, which involved the use of breast implants to increase their size and volume.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Peterson’s number one priority is patient care before and after any cosmetic procedure. He wants all prospective patients and women in general to maintain a high level of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle and for reducing the risks of breast cancer. He recommends foods such as cabbage, broccoli, kale and Brussel sprouts since all have glucosinolates, which reduce the chance of cancer cell development. Statistics from a 2009 Chinese research study state that women who consume 10 grams of fungi daily (mushrooms) had a 64% reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Eating legumes, such as lentils and beans with high levels of phytosterols can also lessen the chance of getting breast cancer.

Reverse the effects of the ageing process and restore your breasts to their youthful appearance by the cosmetic procedure called mastopexy. Book a consultation with Dr. Brian Peterson today at his clinic in Kelowna at (250) 868-9099.

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I recently had liposuction done by Dr. Peterson to fix Coolsculpt I had had done that left me uneven. He was very professional, caring and compassionate and assured me everything could be fixed. I can't express my gratitude to Dr. Peterson for what an amazing job he did and how well he took care of me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon, in fact I have recommended him to many friends and they have all been very happy. My experience at the clinic was amazing, right from the beginning talking with Cynthia and the amazing care I got from all the nurses, I felt very special.

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