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Leave Hair Removal to the Specialists

Laser hair removal is a great way to get hair-free. It’s typically gentle, produces long-lasting results, and is proven safe. Or is it? That may depend on who’s doing it.

Are You A Candidate?

There are a few considerations to getting laser hair removal. The first one is minor: hair around the eyes is not recommended for removal, like eyebrows, because of the safety risk. Additionally, the laser works by emitting a long beam of energy that is absorbed as heat by the hair follicle, which kills it. The laser works by seeking out the melanin or brown pigment in your skin. It is ideal for people who have dark hair (lots of melanin in the hair to attract the laser) but pale skin (less melanin in the skin to attract the laser). Laser hair removal can be done safely on darker-skinned persons, but the choice of laser is most important and must be administered by a professional.

If you have pale skin and pale hair, should you get laser hair removal? Unfortunately, due to the lack of pigmentation, blond, red and gray hair is not suitable for laser hair removal, nor is peach fuzz or very fine baby hair.


Safety Concerns

Training: Ensure Your Laser Technician Has The Right Experience And Education

In an investigation by CTV News uncovered that 73% of dermatologists surveyed had treated someone for burns, scarring, or other poor results from hair laser removal done by a minimally-trained provider. Surprisingly, laser hair removal is not strictly regulated. Training can be minimal and certifications are not always required. This is due to discrepancies in regulatory agencies and who is supposed to guarantee the safety of each item. Because of this, salons and spas can often offer the service at discounted rates, but be careful: you might get what you pay for.

Safety Procedures: Opt For A Facility With A Safe, Clean Environment

We recommend making sure a professional with a background in medical care does your laser hair removal, such as the doctor and nurses at our Kelowna clinic. Additionally, due to our background in nursing and medicine, we place the highest priority on the sanitation and cleanliness of the facility. A competent professional will not put you at risk of infection in an unsafe environment.

Laser Type: The Right Laser Hair Removal Specialists Choose The Correct Equipment For Your Needs

Different lasers have different specialties. A good provider will be able to tell you about the laser and why they selected it for you. If you have skin that is medium brown or darker in tone, you should only be using a YAG laser in a professional medical setting. Alexandrite is also a popular, recommended laser and what we use at our Kelowna laser hair removal clinic.


Contact Us

For safe laser hair removal by a licensed medical professional, visit our Kelowna clinic for a consultation and an overview of your laser hair removal options. You can reach us online or by phone at (250) 868-9099.

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