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Permanent Makeup: How to Prepare For Your Treatment

Permanent makeup, also called micropigmentation, is an aesthetic procedure which uses tattoo techniques to naturally enhance the beauty of your facial features or minimize skin concerns such as scarring, aging and pigmentation.

Permanent makeup is a serious cosmetic procedure and it’s important to be prepared both mentally and physically prior to your appointment. Knowing what to expect during and after the procedure is crucial to ensure safe healing and optimum results.

What does a Permanent Makeup Procedure Involve?

The permanent makeup process involves implanting semi-permanent pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to create long-lasting cosmetic effects stimulating makeup application.

This cosmetic treatment is ideal for patients who:

  • Don’t wish to apply makeup daily
  • Have difficulty applying makeup themselves due to physical limitations such as age or vision loss
  • Are physically active
  • Are allergic to traditional cosmetics
  • Are looking for nipple/areola repigmentation after breast reconstruction

Whether you are looking to naturally enhance your features or correct a skin concern, permanent makeup provides natural-looking and safe aesthetic results to help you feel confident and happy in your appearance.

How to Prepare For a Permanent Makeup Procedure

While the permanent makeup procedure is a safe and effective way to naturally enhance your appearance, it is an extensive treatment and will require some preparation prior to your appointment.

Initial Consultation

Prior to your treatment, it is important to schedule a consultation with your skin care specialist. They can help you gain a full understanding of the procedure as well as determine the most suitable treatment plan to meet all your aesthetic needs.

Preparing For Your Permanent Makeup Procedure

In advance of your treatment, your cosmetic tattoo specialist will ask you to:

  • Wear sunscreen and/or avoid the sun
  • Avoid any pretreatment shaving, waxing or exfoliation
  • Avoid any tanning (including spray tans) several weeks prior to your permanent makeup procedure
  • If you are smoker, stop smoking at least 6 weeks prior to your treatment to promote quicker healing
  • Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin or other medication that may cause increased bleeding
  • Stay hydrated

It is very important to follow the pre-treatment care instructions detailed by your skin care professional to ensure the safety and success of your procedure.




  • Do not wear contact lenses during the procedure and for the next 24 hours
  • Bring sunglasses to wear home as your eyes may be sensitive to light after the treatment
  • Do not dye or perm your eyelashes for 2 days prior to your procedure
  • Inform your cosmetic tattoo professional about any eye surgery (cataracts, lasik) that you may have had.


  • Do not tweeze, wax or dye your eyebrows for 2 days prior to your treatment
  • Electrolysis should not be done for at least 7 days prior to the permanent makeup appointment



  • Inform your skin care specialist about any lip surgery you may have had (e.g. lip filler treatment or Botox)
  • Inform your specialist about any lip sores prior to your treatment. You may be required to take some anti-viral medication prior to your permanent makeup procedure.
  • Inform your specialist about any oral prosthesis such as full/partial dentures, braces or tongue piercings as these may increase your risk of infection.

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