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Recovering from Nose Jobs

Many people decide to have nose jobs, or a rhinoplasty, for a variety of reasons.  Whether you suffer from breathing difficulties or just want to boost your confidence, nose jobs are a common procedure that have helped many of men and women around the globe.   Kelowna plastic surgeon, Brian Peterson, wants to explain what you should expect after your nasal surgery and the best way to recover from it.  Read on to learn more about this genius surgery.  

Like most surgeries, you will be sore for a while after your operation.  Your nose will be sensitive to touch for approximately six weeks post-operation.  So being aware of this and taking caution will greatly assist you in your recovery.  Many people don’t realize how often they touch their faces or brush something against it.  For instance, hugging a child or receiving a good morning kiss from your spouse may not seem like a painful task, but after nasal surgery, it could cause you quite a bit of discomfort.      

If you are thinking about having a nose job procedure, prior to your surgery make sure you’re aware of the following tips that Kelowna plastic surgeon, Dr. Peterson, recommends to all his patients that are recovering from rhinoplasty:  

  1. Take it easy – Do not participate in any vigorous activities or exercise for a minimum of two weeks.  Also be sure to avoid activities that involve objects that can be thrown into your face.  For instance: volleyball, baseball or basketball.  Also, don’t go swimming for a month after your nasal surgery.  The chemicals and water can agitate your healing nose.
  2. Do not blow your nose for two weeks post-op.  This will be very painful for a variety of reasons.  
  3. Enjoy mild, soft foods after your nose job.  Excessive chewing can irritate your nose. 
  4. Be careful when brushing your teeth.  You want to reduce your upper lip’s movements since it’s closely tied to your nose.   
  5. Avoid clothing that has to be pulled over your head.  Try wearing button-up shirts to avoid inadvertently hitting your nose while getting dressed.  
  6. If you wear glasses, it is best to switch to contact lenses for a month after your surgery.  Placing weight on your nose will lengthen your recovery time.  This rule also applies to sunglasses.  Wear a hat to block the sun!  Hats are also important because you want to keep your nose shaded from the sun since it can cause skin discolouration.
  7. Wait at least three weeks to smoke cigarettes before and after your rhinoplasty.  This is an excellent time to quit smoking too.  If you have to wait 3 weeks prior to your surgery and wait 3 weeks after, you should try to kick the habit completely. 

Many of us have contemplated cosmetic surgery at some point in our lives. The experts at Kelowna plastic surgery provide client consultations to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  If you are considering a nose job, call Dr. Brian Peterson today at his plastic surgery clinic located in Kelowna, British Columbia at (250) 868-9099.

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