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Spider Vein Therapy: Recovery And Downtime

It’s always important to treat your body right, especially after undergoing Spider Vein Therapy. When determining your post-procedural care, it is always best to consult your vein specialist.

Spider Vein Therapy specialists’ post-procedural care recommendations vary depending on the type of treatment administered to the patient. At Peterson MD, Kelowna, we offer customized spider vein treatment plans using the advanced VISIA Digital Analysis System.

While Spider Vein Therapy will provide you with the stunning, radiant complexion that you deserve, it is important that you are prepared for the post-procedural care process.

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Spider Vein Therapy


Tempory Side Effects Following Your Spider Vein Therapy Procedure

  • Bruising on and around the treated site
  • Leg Cramping in the first few days following the treatment
  • Mild swelling and discomfort around the treatment site
  • Inflated red areas and  multiple visible red blood vessels
  • Small Skin sores on and around the treatment site

Spider Vein Treatment is generally an outpatient procedure and that takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour to complete. After a spider vein treatment at our Kelowna clinic, patients are required to remain at the facility for a short observation before they are permitted to go home.

For routine procedures, there is little to no downtime and in most cases, the patients are immediately authorized to resume full activities. However, our Kelowna Spider Vein Therapy Specialists will provide you with detailed instructions to ensure a healthy recovery.


Your spider vein specialist may recommend:

  • Wearing support stockings for three to six weeks
  • Moving frequently, every hour or two, to aid blood flow
  • Taking daily walks to exercise the legs
  • Avoiding leg-intensive activities such as squatting, running or heavy lifting
  • Adhering to the specialist's instruction about changing any post-treatment dressings

After two months of following the personalized post-procedural care instruction prescribed by your specialist, you should be healed and ready to show off your beautiful and clear complexion.


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