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The History of Breast Augmentation

Overview: Silicone has become synonymous with microchips and breast implants and both have had a great impact on society. Continue reading the blog below to find out the brief history of one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures, breast augmentation.

In 1962 Dr. Gerow & Dr. Cronin became the first two doctors to utilize silicone breast implants. Before the use of silicone, doctors used implants that were made of sponge and other similar materials. The first recipient of the silicone implant was Timmie Jean Lindsey and unlike today, the recovery period for her procedure lasted approximately two months.

The momentum for breast augmentation began to take off during the 1970’s. The decade would mark the beginning of the mass production of a variety of breast implants, including a type that was inflatable. However, the silicone breast implant had a softer outer casing, which in turn gave it the closest feel to natural breasts and it quickly became the preferred choice.

In the 1980’s silicone breast implants were the subject of negative press when it was feared that harmful health effects could be caused by leaking implants. The fear mainly centered on what harm could happen to a woman if the silicone was to leak into the body. In 1992 the FDA placed a moratorium on the use of silicone gel implants, and only saline implants remained available. After extensive research and clinical studies it was found silicone gel implants were not associated with breast cancer, or any other disease process. In the early 2000’s new cohesive gel implants were released in Canada initially, then the U.S. These new implants had a thicker, more resilient shell and cohesive internal gel – like a gummy bear.

By the new millennium breast augmentation surgery became the most popular cosmetic surgery, trading top spots with liposuction. The 2000’s would also see a shift in attitude towards breast enhancement. For example, the popular culture term “boob job” would soon be replaced by “breast augmentation.” With information readily available, current perspective patients can research at length and educate themselves on any desired procedure. For example, if someone is interested in undergoing breast enhancement surgery, they can easily view the procedural methods and projected recovery times, along with numerous before and after photos.

The Bottom Line: In 2015 breast augmentation continues to evolve in the plastic surgery discipline. The advancements in research, methodology and the implants used have given the procedure an impeccable record. Women that have any breast enhancement, from augmentation mammoplasty (implant) to mastopexy (breast lift), not only benefit from the immediate physical changes, such as a restored youthful look, but will also enjoy increased self-confidence. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Brian Peterson continue to maintain the highest standards in their discipline by putting patient care first and foremost.

To find out more about any breast enhancement procedure and plastic surgery in general contact Dr. Brian Peterson at his clinic in Kelowna today on (250) 868-9099.

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