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The Pros And Cons Of Body Contouring

The Pros And Cons Of Body Contouring

The term body contouring is a fairly encompassing phrase that refers to procedures that reduce or remove excess skin or pockets of fat to alter appearance. These surgeries can help to tighten the skin and create smooth lines to refine various parts of the body. Body contouring can include tummy tucks, liposuction, and arm lifts. Because body contouring uses surgery to achieve results, there are pros and cons to contemplate before you commit to a body contouring procedure. Ensure a body contouring procedure is right for you by considering the following benefits and potential drawbacks.

Pros Of Body Contouring

Improved Appearance
The main reason people choose body contouring is to improve their appearance. When you want to smooth and tone an area of your body, body contouring can address the area of concern to create the silhouette you desire. Some people only want to change one aspect of their physique but body contouring procedures can be combined with other forms of plastic surgery. For example, a Mommy Makeover addresses several areas that are affected by pregnancy, such as the breasts, stomach, and arms, and this series of procedures can eliminate pockets of fat, tighten loose skin, and realign muscles all at once through both body contouring and plastic surgery.

Increased Confidence
When a person is self-conscious about their appearance it can impact their mental health. When a person feels bad about their body, they can become fixated on it and it may limit them from living how they want. For example, many women don’t feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit at the beach, even on the hottest days. Or some people only wear long-sleeved shirts to cover their arms if they feel they are too flabby or the skin is too saggy. If you feel self-conscious about how you look, body contouring may be able to alter your appearance and give you the confidence you need. When you feel good about who you are and how you present, it can change more than just what you wear, it can change the way you interact with the world. Body confidence translates to overall confidence and can help you feel better all around.

Minimal Scarring
There are several forms of body contouring and the type you choose will yield different scars. However, skilled plastic surgeons are able to minimize scarring and strategically place scars where they will not be noticeable. For example, a tummy tuck will leave a horizontal scar near the bottom of the abdomen that can easily be covered by the waist of pants or by bathing suit bottoms.

Cons Of Body Contouring

Body Contouring Is Not For Weight Loss
Body contouring is not meant to reduce weight. Even procedures such as liposuction are only meant to get rid of small, stubborn pockets of fat that won’t disappear even with a good diet and exercise. Body contouring is more focused on making changes that tone your body and alter your silhouette, not drastically reduce your waist size. If you’re looking for a weight loss solution, you will need to look outside of body contouring.

Healing Time
Whether it’s an arm lift, liposuction, or a tummy tuck, when you receive a surgical body contouring procedure, you will need adequate time to heal. This can be a deterrent for some people if they work a physical job or if they are a caregiver, especially if they can’t get childcare during the initial stages of recovery.

Not Everyone Is Eligible
Although most body contouring procedures are very common and safe, they are still a form of surgical procedure. Because of this, anyone who is at risk of reacting to the anaesthesia, who has blood clotting conditions, who smokes, or who otherwise has a preexisting health concern that may increase the risks associated with surgery may not be eligible for body contouring. Speak with your plastic surgeon to determine if you are eligible as well as what risks are associated with the specific procedure you are interested in. 

Body Contouring 

Body contouring can elevate your appearance to its fullest potential. It finishes what your workout routine and diet have started and it can help you feel confident in your own skin. If you want to tone your body for a sleek look, call Dr. Peterson at the Okanagan Health Surgical Centre at 1-250-868-9099 or fill out the online contact form. Dr. Peterson will discuss your desired results and explain the risks and recovery for any body contouring procedure you are interested in. If you would like more than one procedure, speak to Dr. Peterson about what procedures can be combined for optimal results.


Q: Do I need to keep getting body contouring procedures?
A: No. The effects of body contouring are permanent. Once treated, the area will never gain weight again. However, you can still gain weight elsewhere. That’s why you should continue your active lifestyle to maintain your results.

Q: How long does body contouring take?
A: It depends on the specific procedure. Depending on the area of treatment, liposuction can take as little as one hour, whereas a tummy tuck takes a few hours. All body contouring procedures have a recovery time ranging from a few weeks to a few months. 

Q: Can I receive body contouring before I am finished having children?
A: You can receive body contouring whenever you’d like, however, many procedures may be affected by pregnancy. The look of a tummy tuck, liposuction, and even arm lifts may all be affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding and the results may be altered. It is typically recommended to wait until after you are finished having children before choosing body contouring.

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