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Turn Back The Clock With Kelowna Permanent Makeup For Your Brows

The last few years have seen many people seeking out bolder, stronger brows. Turns out, they may be on to something! Not only do well-defined brows give you a more alert, intense look, but they also might help take years off your appearance!

As we age, the definition in our features starts to fade. A study cited in Time notes that for women--regardless of skin tone or ethnicity--eyebrow colour tended to lighten with age. This may be due both to hair lightening (and coming in grey), as well as the thinning of hair that occurs during the natural aging process. The study found that the difference in brows between young and older individuals was highly prominent.

What effect does brow thinning and lightening have on your features?

  • Brows that are thin and over-plucked don’t do anything to highlight your unique features, and they age your appearance.
  • Overarched or severely-shaped brows can make you appear harsher, especially if your features are mature.
  • Brows that are too dark or too light can clash with your hair and complexion, or be overwhelmed by them.

Fortunately, our Kelowna permanent makeup specialists are here to help you rejuvenate your brows and enhance your features. 

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Correcting Sparse Or Thin Brows With Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup can darken the brows, restoring contrast to your features, and defining them. Your Kelowna permanent makeup technician can do this by creating small strokes of pigment that mimic natural hair growth. However, they can also create the look of a made-up, powdered brow for those who want to wake up with dramatic, glamorous brows.


Getting Your Ideal Brow Shape With Permanent Makeup

The ideal brow shape depends on your facial features, your existing brow appearance, and your unique beauty goals. Our permanent makeup specialists are able to help you accentuate your features, or create a more rejuvenated appearance.

Accentuate Your Features

Your Kelowna permanent makeup technician can also For those with rounded features, a straight brow might be the ideal option to add some angles to your appearance. On the other hand, if you have angular features, you can create softness and contrast a brow shape that’s slightly arched.

Turn Back The Clock

Many beauty junkies note that overall, the less arched the brows, the more youthful the look. A shorter brow tail can also help you look younger.

A soft curve, with the arch starting just at the outside of the eyelid, will help reduce the appearance of puffiness.

You can also create a more youthful look by having your permanent makeup technician begin the brow closer to your nose: this will open and lift the eye and give the image of a more refined nose.

Does Brow Colour Matter?

Your brows’ colour, in addition to their thickness and shape, can also have a significant impact on your look. Brows that are a shade or two darker than your hair can create a more dramatic, youthful look, while lighter brows are more subtle. Additionally, paying attention to your brows’ undertone is also key, especially if you dye your hair. If you take your hair from cool brown to copper, or from warm honey blonde to an ashy platinum hue, consider tinting your brows, and having your Kelowna permanent makeup technician adjust their colouring to match.

If you have silver, white, grey, or salt-and-pepper hair, gently darkening and filling in your brows can create a frame for your features that also compliments your unique hair colour.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures


The Ultimate Anti-Aging Option: Brow Lifts

If you’re looking to complement your permanent makeup by rejuvenating your entire eye area, there are many options available. For example, Botox can eliminate the “11’s”, or the parallel lines that form between the eyes when you frown.  Crow’s feet can easily be eliminated by Botox, and a brow lift can provide dramatic rejuvenation results. However, a Brow Lift is a procedure that dramatically lifts your eye area.

Brow Lift


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