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Unhappy With Your Breast Implant Results?

Breast augmentation is a highly personal surgery, but sometimes, despite your best efforts, you don't get the results you were seeking. Here's our overview of what to do. 

A breast augmentation surgery should always only come after extensive consultation. However, sometimes patients can face unexpected complications or end up unhappy with the final result.

Common Reasons For Dissatisfaction With Breast Implants

  • medical complications
  • undesirable size
  • a desire to remove the implant completely
  • changes in body size or shape make another implant type more desirable
  • a problem with the placement of the implant
  • visible scarring

Depending on your case, your doctor may:

  • implement a treatment plan to mitigate your complications
  • replace your implants with a different size or texture
  • remove your implants altogether
  • perform a scar revision
  • perform a breast lift

Implant Removal


What To Do When You’re Unhappy With Your Breast Implant Results

If you are unhappy with your breast implant results due to an unexpected complication, get in touch with your cosmetic surgeon.

They will be able to:

  • create a treatment plan to mitigate or reverse this issue.
  • find the underlying cause of any unexpected side effects.
  • alter breast size or shape with a custom revision treatment plan.

Finally, some people are unhappy with their breast implant and do not feel like they have a good relationship with their cosmetic surgeon. In these cases, consider reaching out to a different board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon.


How To Ensure You Get The Breast Augmentation Results You Want

While there is little you can do to mitigate the effects of ageing on breasts over time, there are several crucial steps that you can take to ensure you don’t wind up with results that make you unhappy even in the short term. When you are in the process of researching your options. Following these steps will help ensure you get the best medical care possible, as well as ensure your expectations and results will be perfectly matched.

1. Decide On The Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Choosing a board-certified cosmetic or plastic surgeon with an extensive track record of performing the type of surgery you are seeking. If possible, ask to see before-and-afters of patients with cases similar to yours.


2. Decide On The Shape, Size, and Material You Want

When going into a plastic surgery, knowing whether you want to achieve a subtle, natural look, or a fuller, more dramatic look is essential.

Your plastic surgeon can help you decide:

  • between round and teardrop implants
  • whether you want large or small implants
  • the right amount of projection
  • whether you should opt for saline or silicone

Additionally, your plastic surgeon should explain how personal factors such as the width of your chest wall and where your breasts currently sit will impact your final result. Your plastic surgeon should also be able to advise you of how your recovery and implant type may affect your lifestyle: for example, athletic women with smaller busts need to understand that opting for large implants means that they will require much more supportive garments for working out.


3. Know The Risks

While breast augmentation has a very high success rate, it is not without risk. Before undergoing a procedure, always ensure that you know and understand all of the possible risks.

Common risks include:

Capsular contracture - Scar tissue forming around the breast implant. This can impact both the appearance and texture of the breast.

Implant shifting/sagging - The implant moves due to causes such as gravity, the natural ageing process, or injury.

Scarring - While most breast surgeries result in minimal scarring that can be hidden by a bikini top, some patients may have more visible scarring.

Rupture - Implants may rupture, and in some cases, leak. This may result in a change in the appearance of the breast.

Changes in nipple sensation - While most patients regain normal nipple sensitivity, some patients notice changes that persist.

Knowing the risks not only empower you to go into your cosmetic surgery procedure feeling fully empowered and knowledgeable, but it allows you to monitor your health after your surgery and notify your cosmetic surgeon at once should any issues arise.

When working with Dr Peterson, patients can rest assured that he has the experience to handle any training: he has even authored five chapters of “Problems in Breast Surgery, A Repair Manual".

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