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Universal Views of Plastic Surgery

Overview: Plastic surgery has evolved dramatically since it was first introduced. There are multiple reasons why patients undergo plastic surgery, such as wanting to look younger, to enhance specific features and to fix scars, to name just to name a few. Plastic surgery is now universally popular and patients from all ethnic backgrounds and geographical locations are enjoying the benefits that cosmetic surgical procedures offer. Read the blog below for more information on procedures popular by geographical locations, and the complications that certain procedures can carry for patients of particular ethnic origin.

Plastic surgery isn't just popular in North America. Countries all over the globe are enjoying the vast benefits that plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures can have. To give some perspective, here are the top 5 countries for plastic surgery in 2013:

  1. Brazil

    Brazil came in as the number one country in terms of number of completed procedures, with a total of 1,491,721 in 2013.
  2. USA

    America was number two with 1,452,356 completed plastic surgery procedures.
  3. Mexico

    With 486,499 procedures completed in 2013, Mexico was third on the list.
  4. Germany

    Germany performed 343,479 plastic surgery procedures.
  5. Spain

    In 2013, Spain completed 213,297 plastic surgery procedures.


While many of these countries feature high on the list due to their size, such as USA and Brazil, these figures still give an interesting perspective on the demand for plastic surgery around the globe. But not only is there a difference in demand for plastic surgery around the world, there is also a difference in demand for different procedures. In the USA and Brazil, breast surgery was the most popular procedure in 2013. But in Mexico, Germany and Spain, facial procedures rose above all others in terms of popularity. In fact, facial procedures were the most popular form of plastic surgery in the world in 2013, with 3,770,546 total procedures.

It's not just your country's popular plastic surgery rankings that should determine what procedure you get. No matter where you live, ethnic background can play a factor in plastic surgery in a few technical aspects. For example, laser hair removal at a technical level yields better results on people with light skin and dark hair. That’s because the laser easily identifies the contrast of the light skin and dark hair. According to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, a patient’s ethnicity can also increase their risk factor post-surgery. However, board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Peterson will always extensively examine a patient's complete medical history before any procedure is performed, so any potential risks can be identified, no matter what ethnic background you are from.

The Bottom Line: The benefits of plastic surgery are being enjoyed by individuals all around the globe, not just in North America. People want to look younger, have greater self body image and improved confidence, all of which are not specific to one country, but global. If you are considering plastic surgery and have concerns about any risks, consult with Dr. Peterson at his plastic surgery clinic in Kelowna where he will advise you of your options after examining your medical history.

For more information on plastic surgery procedures, contact Dr. Peterson in Kelowna, Okanagan, today on (250) 868-9099 or 1-888-505-8895.

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