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8 Tips For A Better Recovery After Breast Lift Surgery

8 Tips For A Better Recovery After Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift is great for anyone who wants to improve the appearance  of their breasts and increase their confidence. A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess skin and tissue and repositions the nipple for a more youthful lift, a more pleasing breast contour, and greater symmetry. After breast lift surgery, adequate recovery will help facilitate safe, healthy, and comfortable healing. To get the best results from your breast lift and to ensure proper healing, follow all directions given by your plastic surgeon and follow these tips.

What To Do After A Breast Lift

  1. Be Prepared
    Before your breast lift surgery, be prepared for recovery. Have someone ready to drive you home, have your house set up so you don’t need to get up often or climb stairs, and have any and all the instructions your plastic surgeon gave you before the surgery written down for reference.
  2. Wear Your Compression Garment
    For approximately the first 3 to 6 weeks after your breast lift, you will be required to wear a compression garment provided by your doctor. This compression garment will reduce post-surgical swelling and bruising. A compression garment assists with blood flow to aid in circulation and promote healing. Wearing your compression garment will support your delicate breast tissue as it heals and it will speed up the recovery process. You will need to wear this compression garment for as long as your doctor recommends.
  3. Rest
    After your breast lift surgery, you will likely feel tired and your body will need time to recover. For the first few days, spend time in bed or in a sitting position on the couch. Ensure you don’t make any sudden movements and don’t try to push yourself.
  4. Walking
    Although you need to be cautious to not overdo it, walking is a good simple exercise that helps boost blood circulation. Good circulation is an important part of any surgical recovery as it prevents the development of blood clots and minimizes swelling. To help your circulation while not taking too much energy, go for small walks within your home, only a few minutes at a time. You should start taking these short walks within hours of your surgery.
  5. Wash Carefully
    You may not be able to shower for 24-48 hours after your surgery and your incisions need to remain clean and dry during this period. Once your plastic surgeon clears you to shower, practice good incision care according to your surgeon’s instructions. Use warm water (not hot) and a gentle, fragrance-free soap. Don’t run the water directly onto the incision site and don’t scrub your incisions.
  6. Sleep On Your Back
    After your breast lift, avoid putting pressure or weight on your breasts. Sleeping on your front can impede healing and cause pain and sleeping on your side can cause uneven weight distribution. Instead, sleep on your back. If you struggle with this, place pillows on either side of your torso to help keep your body stable.
  7. Avoid Lifting
    Your body needs 2 or 3 weeks without any heavy lifting or strenuous activity. Keeping your arms below shoulder height and not straining yourself will help your surgery site heal. While you may be cleared to go back to work after a week or so, you will need longer if your job involves physical activity.
  8. Look For Any Signs Of Infection
    As your breasts heal, be aware of the healing process, but not anxious. Don’t be alarmed if you have any watery or clear discharge in the first days of recovery, but let your doctor know if this discharge persists or appears yellow or green. Redness near the incision is also very common and not cause for alarm, but let your plastic surgeon know if the redness starts spreading in a thready, spider web-like pattern.

Once you are healed from your breast lift, maintain your new breast lift results with these tips.


Breast Lifts In Kelowna

Your plastic surgeon will explain what recovery will be like, how long it will take, and what you may need to do to prepare before your breast lift surgery. If you experience any complications at all, call your plastic surgeon. You will also visit your plastic surgeon for follow-ups so your recovery can be monitored by an expert. If you are ready to improve the appearance of your breasts with a breast lift, book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Brian Peterson. During the consultation, Dr. Brian Peterson will discuss your long-term goals for your appearance. Together, you will create a recovery plan that will lead to optimal results for years to come. To schedule a consultation and start planning your breast lift, call 1-250-868-9099 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: What will I need to do to prepare for a breast lift?
A: The first thing you need to do is to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon. Once you have decided on the correct procedure for you, Dr. Peterson will provide you with pre and post-procedure instructions detailed specifically for you. An important thing to note: on the day of surgery you will need to arrange to be driven home.

Q: Will a breast lift make my breasts smaller?
A: Although some skin will be removed from the breast, any size that might be “lost” is typically made up for in lift and shape. Read here for more information.

Q: How do I know if I want a breast lift or breast augmentation?
A: Determining whether you would benefit from a breast lift or breast augmentation will depend on what your goals are for improving your breasts. If you wish to change their size as well as their shape, breast augmentation may be a better fit for you. If you like your current breast size but they have become saggy, a breast lift procedure may be best for you. To be sure about what procedure you would benefit most from, contact Dr. Brian Peterson to book a consultation or call 1 (888) 505-8895.

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