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Everything You Need To Know About Chin Liposuction

Are you feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your double chin? Learn more about what chin liposuction is and how it can help you reach your desired aesthetic appearance.

When looking to revitalize our facial appearance, many of us turn to plastic surgery for our cheeks, eyes, nose and chin. These procedures can help create a younger appearance and redefine our facial features. One of the most common areas to undergo an operation is our chin. Chin surgeries can result in a more distinguished jawline and amicable balance of facial features.

Your plastic surgeon might recommend chin surgery if you: 

  • Desire enhanced facial harmony
  • Seek to redefine a weak or soft chin
  • Are looking to improve the appearance of their neck and jawline
  • Dislike the presence of their double chin

One such cosmetic procedure that is growing in popularity is chin liposuction, which can remove fat from beneath the skin and sculpt the chin and neck contour. 

Customized Facial Rejuvenation In Kelowna

From dermal fillers to facial implants, our array of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments will meet any of your aesthetic goals. Our professional, certified team of plastic surgeons can create a customized plan to help you look and feel your absolute best.

Want to know more about how we can customize the right plan for you?


Chin Liposuction at our Kelowna Clinic

When we think about chin surgeries, we most likely think about chin implants, also known as Mentoplasty. Mentoplasty works to reshape the chin through enhancement via implants or alterations to the existing chin bones. For many patients, this procedure results in a more balanced facial structure, which helps to boost self-confidence.


However, Mentoplasty is not the proper strategy for everyone looking to improve their facial features. If you have excess superficial fat under your chin, chin liposuction, also known as "submental liposuction" or "double chin surgery," may be the right option for you. In chin liposuction, your surgeon will use liposuction methods to suction away excess fat from the chin, neck, and jowls, leaving you with a more well-defined face, chin, and neck contour.

Why Opt for Chin Liposuction?

No matter your natural body shape, undesirable fat around the chin can be challenging to get rid of. To help those who are frustrated with their excess fat or double chin, chin liposuction surgery is an excellent option to achieve your desired facial appearance. Some benefits of this include:

  • It is the quickest, most efficient way to lose your double chin
  • Liposuction is relatively pain-free
  • The results can last for many years
  • Minimal post-operation downtime and recovery

Additionally, by combining this operation with other facial rejuvenation surgeries, such as chin implants or a neck lift, you can achieve your desired aesthetic goals simultaneously. 


What Happens During a Chin Liposuction Procedure?

For most of us, liposuction can seem daunting, difficult, and time-consuming. However, due to developments in the field of liposuction, this is no longer the case.

Chin liposuction typically takes less than an hour and can be completed without the need for general anesthesia. Your surgeon will administer a local anesthetic to the chin and neck area to numb any pain caused by the operation. A slim tube will be inserted under the skin to break up and vacuum away the unnecessary fat, sculpting your jawline, chin and neck area. Once the process is complete, the incisions will be bandaged with a chin strap to support your skin while it heals.

What Results Can I Expect?

As with any other cosmetic surgical procedure, you will need to take some time off to allow for proper healing. The immediate recovery period will last for one to two weeks, where it is expected that you will rest and relax to avoid damaging the stitches and causing more swelling. Approximately 2 weeks after your procedure, you will likely see less of a double chin, but the swelling will need to fully subside before you can see your sculpted jawline. After three to six months, the swelling should have abated to the point where you will be able to see the complete effects of the procedure.

Most patients are incredibly pleased with their appearance, with many testimonials stating that their friends and families have commented, saying that they have lost weight! Check out some of our before and after photos of submental liposuction to get an idea of the results of chin liposuction.


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