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What to Expect During a Medial Thigh Lift Recovery

Many patients consider their thighs a “problem area”. Many women naturally store fat in this area, and it can be stubbornly resistant to weight loss and dieting. Additional common issues can include cellulite, excess skin, and more. Medial thigh lifts can be one way to resolve these stubborn issues.

What Is A Medial Thigh Lift?

A medial thigh lift corrects excess fat and tissue in the inner thigh. The incision in this area tends to run from the groin to the top of the knee. In some cases, a larger wedge of tissue is removed, and this is called a thighplasty.


Am I A Candidate For A Medial Thigh Lift Or Thighplasty?

The ideal candidate for a thigh surgery at our Kelowna plastic surgery clinic:

1. Seeks a remedy for excess skin and soft tissue on the thighs

A thighplasty is designed to remove excess skin and tissue. It does not add muscle tone, so those seeking to tone up or remove a small amount of fat may be better off discussing their needs with a cosmetic surgeon or their general healthcare provider.

2. Has a stable weight

A stable weight can help ensure that your results are stable. A thigh contouring surgery is not a weight loss surgery. Those with a large amount of weight to lose may find that their results "sag" if they get the surgery when they're over 10 pounds of their goal weight.

3. Is in good and general health

Being in good health will ensure the best results. Also, being healthy can ensure that you have a quicker and safer healing period.

4. Has accurate expectations about results

Patients’ result should always be created with respect for their unique body shape. The correction must be proportional to your frame, age, and body shape.

5. Does not smoke and do not drink heavily

Smoking as well as heavy drinking can make the recovery period more lengthy and can put certain patients at greater risk of side effects.

At their consultations, patients can expect to discuss all of the risks and benefits with a board-certified plastic surgeon.


After The Procedure

After your procedure, you will be given instructions on:

  • what medicines and antibiotics to take
  • what symptoms to look out for
  • any compression garments you must wear
  • instructions concerning drains, which are small, thin tubes that may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain blood or fluid from the wound


How Long Does Recovery Take?

The recovery from a plastic surgery has many different facets. Your physical healing, energy levels, and activity levels may all take different amounts of time to resolve. Additionally, the recovery process is different for each patient. That is why our recovery overview is a guideline only, and you should always confirm the details of your unique recovery with your plastic surgeon.

Numbness Usually Lasts Up To 3 Weeks

Some patients experience numbness at the surgery site. This may persist for up to 3 weeks. 

Scarring Usually Takes 6 Months To 1 Year To Resolve 

The scars for a medial thigh lift or thighplasty are positioned on the inside of the thigh, so they are not highly visible to others even when they are new. However, many patients are anxious for their scars to fade so that they can enjoy their results in shorts, skirts, and swimsuits. You must remember:

  • Scars can take 6 months to a year to heal, and at first may appear red or purple.
  • While many believe a tan is a good way to cover up imperfections, this is NOT the case for surgical scars. Tanning beds should be avoided anyways due to the potential for skin damage, but this is extra important when it comes to surgical scars.
  • If you will be spending time outdoors with your scars exposed in summer garments, taping over them or opting for longer garments can be a good solution.
  • After about 1 year, the scars should usually be faint, and will fade further with time.

Low-Stress Activities Can Resume After A Few Weeks, More Strenuous Ones Must Wait

During your early days of recovery, it is important not to subject your incisions to heavy motion, abrasion, excessive force, or swelling. After about two weeks, most patients can carry out everyday activities, such as light walking, housework, and driving. More strenuous activity such as running, dancing, or biking, usually needs to wait six weeks or longer.


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